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I have recently returned from the most incredible few days at the W Hotel Shanghai and I couldn’t wait to review my experience on here.

The W Hotel Shanghai only opened it’s doors last June, and therefore, is still pretty new on the Shanghai hotel scene. However, with the W Hotels reputation behind it and it’s enviable location near the Bund, it’s not hard to see why this hotel is already doing incredibly well for itself.

I have always been a huge fan of W Hotels and when deciding to book a luxury hotel as a treat at the end of my recent China trip, as soon as I spotted they had one in Shanghai, I knew I was going to book it. W Hotel Shanghai



The hotel is located just next to the famous Bund in Shanghai and is right by the Huangpu river, with insane views towards Pudong. You can walk from the doorstep of the hotel to the Bund in around 15 minutes, be in shopping heaven on Nanjing Street following a 20 minute walk and reach Peoples Square after a leisurely 40 minute walk. In addition, taxi’s in Shanghai are really reasonably priced and most key sites in the city can be reached via 15 minute taxi ride.

The view over to Pudong though is what makes the W Hotel Shanghai have the most enviable location. From the cocktail bar, to the pool to even a few of the rooms, you can take in the awe inspiring view of the Shanghai Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower and the many boats travelling back and forwards along the river.

W Hotel Shanghai


Upon arrival at the W Hotel we were met with staff member upon staff member, with a huge smile on their faces, greeting and showing us the way to check-in (on the W Floor). You enter the main lobby and are escorted to a lift, whilst your bags are dealt with separately. You reach the W floor and are greeted before you even step foot out of the lift, and shown to the check-in desks, where there is a minimal queue (if any at all).

W Hotel Shanghai W Hotel Shanghai W Hotel Shanghai

The majority of the staff spoke good English (a rareity in China!) and check-in was smooth, accompanied by a glass of refreshing infused water if you wish. We were given our awesome room keys (one had a cool dog on it, the staff were kind enough to let me keep this as a souvenir when I left) and directed to another set of lifts to take us up to our room on the 25th floor.

The Room

I had booked a Spectacular Room, and wow, it certainly lived up to it’s name. As you first enter the room there is a bathroom to the left, with a large shower, bath, double sinks and the best bit (I am easily amused) a Japanese style toilet that opened it’s lid when you entered, oh and it had a heated seat (the best toilet invention ever). The bathroom came complete with some deliciously scented Bliss products, which I am now going to have to go out to buy so I can be reminded of my stay here!

W Hotel Shanghai

Spectacular Room W Shanghai Spectacular Room W Shanghai Spectacular Room W Shanghai

Moving down the hallway, with a large wardrobe to your right, you come into the main room. This was furnished with a marble table, TV, Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth speaker, numerous bottles of complimentary water, 2 large beds with super cozy quilts and thick pillows, fridge and mini bar, cocktail and wine glasses and the best bit, a huge window seat that looked out over the river to Pudong. The view took my breath away every time.

Spectacular Room W Shanghai Spectacular Room W Shanghai Spectacular Room W Shanghai Spectacular Room W Shanghai Spectacular Room W Shanghai Spectacular Room W Shanghai Spectacular Room W Shanghai

Spectacular Room W Shanghai

In addition, there were numerous light settings from full lighting to a relax mode, or even an escape mode which turned the room red. The blinds were also opened a closed with the push of a button.

In case you didn’t gather this already, the room at the W Hotel Shanghai was fabulous.

Food and Drink

Lets start with the most important meal of the day, Breakfast. The W Hotel Shanghai did not disappoint on this front. There was a HUGE selection from pastries and cakes, to eggs, fresh fish, meats, cheeses and Chinese classics. There was freshly squeezed juices, fruit, different types of milk, yoghurt, pancakes and waffles. There was even a Pick ‘n’ Mix station!

Breakfast W Hotel Shanghai Breakfast W Hotel Shanghai Breakfast W Hotel Shanghai Breakfast W Hotel Shanghai

We didn’t ever have lunch in the hotel because we were out exploring but we did have one evening meal at the Kitchen Table and it was seriously good. We chose to sat outside so we could spend even more time looking at the amazing view. Our meal started with some complimentary bread which had been cooked in garlic oil and it was delicious. I am going to have to try recreating this at home.

Then came the main, haddock wrapped in prosciutto with a side of parmesan potatoes. It was delicious and the portion size was huge. I had three giant pieces of haddock! The haddock was cooked to perfection and incredibly moist and matched well with the prosciutto coating. It was served in a tomato, olive and caper sauce, which was the perfect accompaniment.

For dessert I went for the After Eight inspired profiteroles. These had what I think was freeze dried fresh mint on the top and a chocolate ice cream filling and were a delicious was to end the meal.

I also enjoyed a couple of cheeky club sandwiches on room service (my traditional holiday meal!) and these were huge, delicious and served with a good helping of chips.

Then came my favourite place in the hotel, the cocktail bar known as Wet Bar. This was located next to the outdoor pool and the perfect location for soaking in the incredible view. You can also visit this bar if you aren’t staying at the hotel, which a lot of people did, and I can see why. The cocktails are fabulous and the view is out of this world. As it was a little chilly in the evenings when I was there, they also provided some luxurious, thick blankets to cuddle under and keep warm.

Wet Bar W Shanghai Wet Bar W Shanghai Wet Bar W Shanghai


The W Hotel Shanghai offers so many fabulous facilities that you needn’t leave the hotel if you didn’t want to (I’m not going to lie, it was a tiny bit hard making myself leave the hotel every day to explore!).

There are two pools available, one outdoor (summer only) and one indoor. Unfortunately when I visited the outdoor pool wasn’t open, but I made plenty of use of the huge indoor pool which still had good views of the Pudong skyline. When you first arrive at the ‘Wet’ reception, you are given a fob on a bracelet for a locker. You then enter the changing rooms, which felt like you were walking into a spa oasis, press the fob against the cute bird with your allocated locker number, a little chirpy sound is made and the door opens. Inside you will find a fresh, clean towel and a pair of gold coloured Havaianas flipflops.

Pool W Hotel Shanghai Pool W Hotel Shanghai Pool W Hotel Shanghai Pool W Hotel Shanghai Pool W Hotel Shanghai Pool W Hotel Shanghai Pool W Hotel Shanghai Pool W Hotel Shanghai

The changing room is also equipped with the same Bliss toiletries in the showers, hairdryers and some hair products, cold water and cold flannels. There is also a sauna, steam room and multi jet shower, a whirlpool bath and large relaxation area (the recliners are heated). It was so relaxing here.

Leaving the changing rooms, you walk via the well equipped gym to the large pool where you are greeted by another member of staff with another towel if needed and a bottle of water. There is a large pool, some sunloungers and another whirlpool which you can sit in and look out at the view.

There was also free wi-fi throughout the hotel, which actually worked (China’s wifi offering is somewhat temperamental), a large indoor bar area where you could work and drink coffee by day and drink cocktails by night, the outdoor Wet Bar that I have already referred to, the Kitchen Table Restaurant and also the inhouse Chinese restaurant Zen, which also has an accompanying bar, Liquid at Zen.

There is the usual Whatever, Whenever service that W Hotels offer, which we used a few times to help sort travel plans and any issues we had.

The room was spotlessly cleaned everyday and the complimentary water and toiletries replenished as necessary.

The Spa

The W Hotel Shanghai also has it’s own spa, the Away Spa, which naturally, after my epic great wall hike, I made full use of. I booked a Mystic Hot Stones Massage, which was incredible, but also probably one of the most painful (in a good way) massages I have ever had.

Spa W Hotel Shanghai Spa W Hotel Shanghai Spa W Hotel Shanghai Spa W Hotel Shanghai Spa W Hotel Shanghai Spa W Hotel Shanghai Spa W Hotel Shanghai

The whole experience started with a sauna and steam to open the pores and then, as I sat in their waiting area, I was given a cup of tea to drink and add to the relaxing experience. I was then introduced to my therapist and led to a huge treatment room. As you enter there is a seating area where the therapist begins the treatment by cleaning your feet. Next to this is a large bathroom, and then at the end a huge treatment room with the massage bed. I lay down on the bed and the 90 minute massage went by in the blink of an eye.

I have to say, the Chinese do not do soft massages, though she did ask if the pressure was ok, so they could have been softer, but my back is crazy knotty, so it needed a good pummeling, and wow, did it get that. It may have been a bit painful here and there, but I left feeling incredibly relaxed and I could really notice a difference in my upper back especially. I finished the treatment with a cup of tea and then floated on back to my room. Pure bliss.

The Robes

The robes a hotel offers is a very important category for me. It is the first thing I look for when I check into a room and I am very disappointed if the hotel doesn’t offer them! Luckily the W Hotel Shanghai offered what I may possibly describe as the best hotel robe, ever. Which is quite a bold statement, I know but if you felt these robes, you’d know.

The white robe was lined with pink detailing, had a hood, came down to the knees (so you felt comfortable walking to and from the spa/pool in it) and was fleece lined. It felt gorgeously soft against the skin and kept you perfectly warm. I miss my W Hotel robe. I wonder if they sell them…?


Just in case you hadn’t already guessed, I had an incredible stay at the W Hotel Shanghai. I genuinely don’t think I have even a minor complaint to make, everything I experienced was fabulous from the service and the facilities to the food and drink, I had the most memorable stay and it was the prefect end to an amazing holiday. If ever I am lucky enough to be back in Shanghai, I wont even be considering staying anywhere else.

You can check out my video room tour here:

Have you stayed at a W Hotel? What did you think of the experience?

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