Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

So, I am going to address the elephant in the room, my review of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is very late, but, as they say, better late than never, right?

Choosing where to stay in Vegas is like being told you can only pick one sweet from the entire pick ‘n’ mix selection, it’s a freakin’ hard decision. There is so much money in Vegas that the hotels are all in crazy competition with each other to offer more elaborate facilities than their neighbours. It’s safe to say, the hotels in Vegas are out of this world, and the Cosmopolitan is certainly staking its claim on the Vegas strip.

Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas


Well, the reception area in this hotel is huge, like, oversized huge, just like everything else in Vegas. The check in desk extended as far as the eye could see, but even with this size of check-in, there was still a bit of a queue, as the hotel itself is also huge.

Check-in was efficient though and in no time at all, we were leaving our cases behind with the bell boys and meandering our way through the rows of slot machines. The ‘bling bling’ noise of the machines ringing around, non-stop. We navigated our way to the lifts and headed up to our room.

The Room

Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Balcony Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Wow, just wow. This was what sold the Cosmopolitan to us when choosing where to stay. The room was huge (noticing a theme here?!). There was an entrance hall, huge bathroom with a ginormous bath, separate shower room, and even a separate room for the toilet. There were double sinks and enough room in the bathroom itself to host a small party.

There was an option divide between the bathtub and the rest of the bedroom, where there was not one, but two TV’s!! I mean, who needs 2 TV’s, its not like you can logistically watch different programs in the same room. From the entrance hall you walked out into a large open plan liviing room come bedroom.

The living room was furnished with a large purple sofa, desk area, TV, table and even a small kitchenette area, complete with mini bar, microwave and sink! There was a small waist height dvide between the bedroom area and the living room.

The bedroom area was made up of a large king size bed, bedside tables, ottoman and wardrobes, oh and another desk and TV!

Then came the best bit of the room, the balcony! We had a huge balcony overlooking the Vegas strip. It was furnished with a large seat and table and we spent many evenings, mornings and afternoons taking in the view from here. It was the balcony that sold the Cosmopolitan to us to be honest. If you have some extra cash, you can opt for one of the rooms with a balcony overlooking the Bellagio fountains!


Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Art o mat Cosmopolitan

Every hotel in Vegas has insane facilities and the Cosmopolitan certainly provided. The hotel had it’s own in house club, which offered day time pool parties as well as evening club nights. There were 2 pools to choose from, each offering pool side service, so you can sip on cocktails as you soak up the desert rays. There is obviously the huge casino floor offering everything from slot machines to poker tables and for those with more cash (not us) there were ‘special’ high stakes areas.

My only issue with the Cosmopolitan was the lack of ‘experience’ type facilities, for example, New York New York has its rollercoaster, Mandalay Bay has the aquarium, the Mirage has the Volcano, but the Cosmo seemed to lack a tourist attraction as such, it was more of a sophisticated, dine, drink and gamble hotel. So bare this in mind if that is not you thing.

The Cosmopolitan does however, offer loads of art, from amazing pieces hanging on the walls, to the interior design of the hotel itself. It also offers unique vending machines, which for $5 offer small pieces of art for purchase. These vending machines were dotted around the hotel, and each offered different pieces.


Chandelier Cosmopolitan Bar Las Vegas

No visit to Vegas is complete without alcohol, well it can be, but for most, it isn’t.

There were numerous bars available, including the famous Chandelier Bar, where you are literally sat inside a ginormous Chandelier! I have to say though, we only visited this bar once, as due to it’s uniqueness and therefore popularity, it was always packed and you could rarely get a seat (unless you visited in the day).

We preferred the cocktail bar Clique, which was located just off the casino floor. It was roped off, with large curtains creating a more intimate vibe and had live music on offer in the evenings and a fabulous cocktail selection, offering tableside mixology and, should you not find a particular cocktail you want, you can ask them to make one for you, based on your preferences!


Egg Slut Cosmopolitan Vegas Milk Holsteins Burger Holsteins


This is where the Cosmopolitan really excels; the food options on offer here are awesome. To begin with, our room had a buffet breakfast included at the Wicked Spoon. This buffet was the buffet of all buffets, we could start the day with anything from fried chicken, pizza, ice cream, Chinese food, eggs, pancakes, waffles, curry, the list is endless.

For those who don’t have the ridiculous buffet included, there is the fabulous Egg Slut on site, which produces awesome egg sandwiches with a variety of other fillings. The queue for this place was always ridiculous but once sampled, you can understand why!

There was also the fabulous Milk, which offered ‘cereal milk’ flavoured goodness from ice creams to drinks and the even more fabulous, and firm favourite of ours ‘Secret Pizza’. There aren’t any signs for this one, hence why it is called ‘Secret’ but it is hard to miss once you know where to find it. On the same floor as the restaurants, just passed the Chinese Mexican combo restaurant (yes, that is a thing!), is a narrow corridor lined with record covers, which leads out into a small pizza joint. Here pizza is served by the slice and accompanied by a cold beer. You can add parmesan and chili flakes to your slices before devouring them, and no doubt returning again and again for more. We loved it here.

There was also the fabulous Holsteins that offered epic burgers and out of this world milkshakes. This was another favourite of ours, and you have to try one of the milkshakes, they are insane.

For those wanting something a bit fancier, there was a fabulous Greek restaurant, Estiatorio Milos that offered an A La Carte menu as well as a fresh fish and seafood bar (you literally walk up and choose what you want and how it’s cooked). We had another fabulous meal here!

In addition, there are other restaurants such as Beauty and Essex (a speakeasy type, American bar restaurant), the American brasserie Blue Ribbon and the Spanish offering of E by Jose Andres. Unfortunately, we didn’t get chance to try these, but if they are anything like the other restaurants in the Cosmopolitan we tried, then they are bound to be awesome!


Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan is perfectly located; it is slap bang in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. You step out of one end and you have the Bellagio fountains in front of you, from the middle, you can access the Mile End shops and Planet Hollywood, and from the opposite end, the high end, luxury stores of the Aria.

We would spend our days doing each end of the strip. One day we would walk one way down the strip, for example doing the Luxor, Mandalay Bar, Las Vegas sign, New York New York etc and then the next day, walking out the opposite side of the hotel and doing the Bellagio, Venetian, Mirage etc. Everything is so accessible from the Cosmopolitans location.

Overall, we had a fabulous stay at the Cosmopolitan. The rooms were incredible, the food fantastic and the facilities fabulous. We would quite happily stay here again!!

You can see a room tour of our room at the Cosmpolitan in my Vegas vlog (and also see a bit more of what we got up to on our trip!):

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  1. February 2, 2018 / 3:25 pm

    Wow, what a hotel! The Cosmopolitan is definitely my top choice for if we go back to Vegas, it’s just so cool! We went a couple of years ago and stayed in NYNY (Which I absolutely loved too, they all have such individual charm!) but I loved wandering around Cosmo, and the secret pizza, mmmmmmmm!

    • girlgoesto
      February 4, 2018 / 12:53 pm

      I love NYNY! Yes, def stay next time, the rooms are incredible and secret pizza is awesome!

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