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I fly from Manchester to Alicante a few times a year and until recently, I had only ‘budget’ airlines to choose from. However, British Airways have just introduced various direct routes (offering Club Europe) to mainland Europe from Manchester, one of which was Alicante, and as soon as they were launched, I was straight on to their website, booking flights for my next trip!

As it was an introductory route, BA had offers on travel in Club Europe (business class) so naturally, I snapped these up, especially when I realised they came out at the same price as Jet2/EasyJet once I had chosen seats and added luggage with them (BA came with luggage included!).

British Airways Short Haul Plane

BA Short Haul Plane

Fast forward a couple of months and I arrived at Manchester Airport. Check-in was the fastest ever (there was no-one else in the queue) and after a whizz through security we arrived at the BA business lounge (included in your club Europe ticket). We settled into our seats facing the runway and tucked into some free breakfast, along with some free fizz.

After a relaxing start to our flight, it was time to board the plane. We were sat right at the front section of the plane with only 12 or so other seats in that section. All the seats were in rows of 2 with plenty of leg room. I have to say though, the seats were exactly the same as in economy, although maybe with a bit more leg room. This didn’t matter though as the flight is only a couple of hours.

Club Europe Seat BA

BA Club Europe Seats BA Club Europe Seat BA Club Europe Legroom BA Club Europe Legroom

Then came the best bit, the food and drink service. This was incredible in Club Europe and took the whole experience to another level. We tucked into a cooked breakfast, with fresh bread, pastries and waffles, delicious coffee and champagne by the bottle load. Yes, we had numerous mini champagne bottles, free flowing, throughout the entire flight. It was fabulous.

I have to say, this was one of the best flight experiences I have ever had and I will definitely be flying BA Club Europe again. I arrived in Alicante refreshed, a little bit tipsy from the champagne consumption, but with a real feeling that my holiday had already started. I had a huge smile on my face and was actually looking forward to the flight back!

BA Champagne Champagne above the clouds BA Champagne

I am heading back to Spain in the summer and have already looked at booking Club Europe again. I have to say, even without the introductory offer, it really isn’t coming out at too bad a price, in fact, it is on par with some of the cheaper carriers, once you add in the seats and luggage. Then, considering the fact you get food and drink and access to the lounge (in both Manchester and Alicante) it actually comes out looking like a bargain.

I urge you to check BA’s website if you are flying short haul in Europe, you may find you can have an incredible, champagne fuelled experience, for not too much extra! It’s the perfect start to any holiday!

Have you flown BA Club Europe? What did you think?

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