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Approaching Hotel Gracery from Shinjuku Station you are hit by a mass of flashing neon lights, loud sounds and packed streets. Tokyo is certainly a sensory overload, but in the best possible way. Oh and did I mention, there’s a HUGE Godzilla peeking out of the roof of the hotel – what?!

Godzilla Hotel Gracery

Our first hotel in Tokyo was Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku a.k.a the Godzilla hotel. When searching for where to stay in Tokyo I decided I wanted to be based in Shinjuku as it is really central and easy to travel to all other areas of Tokyo (Tokyo is huge!). The second I read about this Godzilla themed hotel, I was sold. Oddly, I am not actually a huge Godzilla fan but for some reason, I couldn’t get the idea of staying here out of my head.

Fast forward a few months and we were standing in the lobby of Hotel Gracery. The entrance walls were covered in Godzilla movie posters over the years and this lead into a very bright and airy reception area. It was busy. As is everything in Tokyo.

Hotel Gracery Reception

Despite the number of people checking in, we were dealt with in a matter of minutes (I love Japanese efficiency) and we were off to our room on the 29th floor.

The Room

Now, the room was small. Very small. But I have learnt that this is the norm in Tokyo, space is in such high demand that small rooms are just what you get. Size aside, the room was perfectly adequate for our needs (sleeping and showering) and we settled in.

There were a couple of hangers but that was about it storage wise, so we didn’t both unpacking, we just balanced our bags on the sofa in the room and that worked perfectly fine. The bathroom was full of amenities (face wash, moisturiser, razors, bath salts, toothbrush, hairbrush…you name it, they have it!) as I found was the case everywhere in Japan, you literally don’t need to bring any toiletries!

Room at Hotel Gracery

Bedroom Hotel Gracery

Bedroom Hotel Gracery



Bathroom Hotel Gracery

Bathroom Hotel Gracery

Toilet Hotel Gracery

There was the fabulous Japanese toilet with the entire array of buttons that can squirt water at you with different strengths and angles, a heated seat (genius) and more. If ever you go to Japan, you need to give yourself time just to sit on a toilet and play with the buttons!!

As I also learnt was usual in Japan, there was a wet room which contained a shower and bath. The shower is next to the bath, not over it. Apparently this is because a bath is not used for cleaning in Japan, so you shower first to clean and then bathe. Again, the shower was equipped with shampoo, conditioner and body wash, which was Shisheido no less!

The Food

We didn’t have food included in our room rate as we wanted to get out and explore Japan and a Family Mart/SevenEleven breakfast is awesome, but that’s for another post! We did however eat in the café one evening as they have some Godzilla themed foods!

We had the chocolate selection which came with a mini chocolate Godzilla figure, awesome. I washed this down with my first matcha latte of the trip.

Godzilla Food


Now, for the main event/reason people stay here, Godzilla. There is a huge Godzilla statue half way up the building that houses Hotel Gracery, You can see the head and claws peeking out over the side of the building from the roads in Shinjuku below and you access the Godzilla statue itself from the hotel reception. It is an outdoor area and you can get right up close to Godzilla’s head. Then comes the best bit, every hour, on the hour from 12 noon until 8pm is the Godzilla light show, wow.

Yes, you can watch Godzilla come to life, breath fire (well, smoke) and get lit up by flashing lights. It really is as awesome as it sounds!

Godzilla Hotel Gracery Godzilla Hotel Gracery Godzilla Hotel Gracery Hotel Grocery

Overall, our stay at Hotel Gracery was fab. The location is incredible, we were able to walk and/or get the metro everywhere in less than half an hour and there are some fabulous Karaoke bars right by the hotel. The room may have been small but for what we needed it was perfect, oh, and you get free pjs to wear while you stay – what’s not to love?

If you check out my Tokyo day 1 vlog, there is a full room tour of my room at Hotel Gracery:

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