St Regis Hotel Abu Dhabi

Stepping into the St Regis Hotel Abu Dhabi, which had what was quite possibly, the grandest hotel entrance ever, I quickly felt rather embarrassed of my chosen attire. After the 7 hour flight from Manchester I was dressed in a Mickey Mouse hoody and Superdry tracksuit bottoms, perfect for the plane, not even slightly appropriate for the situation I found myself in.

The entrance to the St Regis Hotel Abu Dhabi, is incredible. You are met with walls and floors made of marble and the most incredible grand double sided staircase (based on the one on the Titanic i’ll have you know!). We were greeted at the door and shown to the reception area where we sank our weary bodies into the velvety soft sofa as we waited our turn to check in.

St Regis Lobby

St Regis Lobby

Check In Area St Regis

Lobby St Regis

Check in was a smooth and relaxed process and we were soon on our way up to our room. I opened the large door to our room and my mouth immediately dropped as I was met with yet more marble and a grand expanse of the hotel room. It was huge!

The Room

The room consisted of a marble covered entrance hall with wardrobes on one side (containing some robes) and large double doors that led into the most incredible bathroom (which contained even more robes!). Again, the bathroom was made of marble and consisted of double sinks, a separate room for the toilet, another room for the shower and a large bath. The mirror also had a tv built into it, what?!

Hotel Room St Regis

Bathroom St Regis Abu Dhabi

Bath St Regis

Then you walked out into the large bedroom with not one, but two double beds, a seating area, two desks and a large TV and mini bar. Then there was the view, just, wow. You could see out to the Emirates towers and then beyond to the sea.

The room also came with a butler, who was on call for any of your needs. Our butler was super friendly and came to introduce himself not long after we had checked in. He also came with a welcome fruit plate, which was much appreciated as we were starving after our long plane journey.

Hotel Room St Regis Abu Dhabi

Seaview St Regis Abu Dhabi

The Beach Club

As a resident of the hotel, we had free access to the Nation Riviera Beach Club that was attached to the hotel. This was where we spent pretty much all of our time. It is a bit of mission to get to the beach club, so we had to pack a day bag each time, as our room was too far away to just ‘pop back to’ if we had forgotten anything.

Nation Riviera Beach Club

Nation Riviera Beach Club

Nation Riviera Beach Club

You had to take a lift, walk a bit, another lift, walk through an underground tunnel and then another lift, walk a bit more and then you finally arrive at the beach club. To be honest, it sounds like a longer journey than it actually is, but it probably takes a good 10 minutes door to door.

Once you arrive at the beach club, you check in at the reception and are then guided to your chosen seat, at either the pool area or on the beach, and then provided with towels and iced water to keep you comfy during your time there (they even put the towels on the sun loungers for you and give you an extra to actually use!). You could also use the cabanas at no extra charge.

Nation Riviera Nation Riviera

The beach, although man made, was beautiful and private with white sand and turquoise, warm waters. There was a button at each set of loungers for calling a waiter if you wished to order any food or drink, without the need to get up from your lounger. We spent the first day on the beach and the second and third by the pool. This was mainly because we freaked ourselves out with what was either a piece of seaweed of a jellyfish floating in the sea on the first day. It was most likely seaweed but once the idea of something else is in your head, it becomes very had to get back into the sea!

Food and Drink

Let’s start with the breakfast. Well, this breakfast was by far the best hotel breakfast I have ever encountered. Ever. There was an insane amount of food available from an entire bread station, made up of every type of bread imaginable, to a healthy station packed with fresh fruits and smoothies to eggs, bacon, curries and more all finished off with a visit to the pastry section packed with fresh pastries and delicious cakes. Even if you went down to breakfast at 10am (breakfast stops being served at 10:30am) everything was so well stocked you still had the chance to sample the entire selection. Just take my word for it, the breakfast was incredible.

On our first night we opted for the in room dining options, which pleasantly did not have a mark up compared to if you ate in any of the restaurants. Don’t get me wrong though, nothing here is cheap so you are still paying an arm and a leg for a club sandwich!

We did our usual thing when we arrive somewhere late and ordered a club sandwich each (our fave). The St Regis club sandwich did not disappoint and we tucked in with big grins on our faces. This was all washed down with possibly the most expensive diet coke of our lives and then followed by an incredible chocolate cake (Chris went for a cheesecake).

In room dinning is served promptly and on an actual table with a table cloth and everything. It was like we were sitting at our own private restaurant! A quick call down to reception and the table is cleared from the room in no time at all. I was very impressed with the in room dinning at the St Regis and the menu was really extensive!

We also treated ourselves to a meal in the hotels Italian restaurant that we had been recommended numerous times. The restaurant is called Villa Toscana and is super romantic, shame Chris and I are the least romantic people you could meet!!

We were seated on a balcony area that was made up of tables of 2 only and given an introduction to the restaurant, including a brief history about the pasta that they hand make and serve here. We were then left to peruse the menu after being given some recommendations by our waiter. We ordered a bottle of red wine (sooo expensive, and we went for the cheapest one!) and placed our food orders. We were presented with some complimentary fresh breads and a selection of dips as we waited for our food to arrive.

Villa Toscana

Villa Toscana

Our starters soon arrived and were devoured in a matter of seconds, they were so good. Our mains soon followed and wow, were they generous portions! Chris went for lamb papadelle, which was HUGE. It was essentially a plate of pasta in gravy with loads of perfectly cooked lamb dotted over the top. I went for the lobster ravioli which was delicious and packed full of fresh lobster. We were well and truly stuffed by the end of it, but don’t worry, out separate pudding bellies were getting ready for their moment!

Villa Toscana Villa Toscana

Well, mine was anyway, Chris was defeated by his ginormous plate of pasta.

I finished the meal off with a deliciously indulgent chocolate fondant and we left the restaurant with huge smiles on our faces.

St Regis, it is safe to say, I love you and I cannot wait to stay in another one of your hotels soon.

Have you stayed at the St Regis in Abu Dhabi? What did you think?



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