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Throwback to a few weeks ago, on a random Wednesday evening in Manchester, my home city, throw in a weather themed hotel, some awesome music for ibis Lates on Tour, add in some great company and you have a pretty epic night in Manchester! What makes it even better? It was all in aid of a great cause, the Teenage Cancer Trust. Let me take you through this awesome ibis Lates on Tour night!

ibis styles manchester

Chris and I arrived at the ibis Styles Portland Street Manchester Hotel and immediately smiled as we were greeted by an oversized pair of sunglasses and some silver welly boot door handles. My kind of place. We walked into the reception and smiled even more! The ceiling was adorned with umbrellas, there was a huge, oversized deck chair to my right and then another pair of huge oversized sunglasses to my left! I loved it.

ibis styles manchester

Check in was smooth and quite a casual affair. The receptionist smiled at us as soon as we walked in through the entrance, from behind her small white, simple desk. We got our room key and were directed to our room. We were on the second floor and so hopped into the lift (which was decorated with cats and dogs as if it was “raining cats and dogs”). We walked out into a bright but narrow corridor and followed the cute weather signs to our room. Even our room number was inside one of those wind signs you see on the weather forecast.

The door was painted a super cute yellow colour although it was extremely narrow! We had a giggle when Chris almost didn’t fit when facing straight on!! I’m not going to lie, I did have a moment of panic when I saw the size of the door, I do not do well in small spaces! I needn’t have worried though as the narrow door and slightly narrow entrance hall, opened up into a pretty decent sized room. Phew.

With our smiles still plastered across our faces, we took in the super cute weather décor. Our room was sunshine themed, which meant a carpet of daisies, people playing on clouds and an ice cream around the TV. We even had complimentary sunglasses on our pillows!

Sunshine room ibis styles

The bathroom was painted bright blue and there was even a mini weather forecast above the loo. The shower was huge and an absolute dream when I was feeling a little worse for wears the next morning!

The lovely guys at ibis hotels had even left a goodie bag on my bed, which featured a rather dashing ibis Lates on Tour t-shirt which I chose to use for my bedtime attire.

I quickly got ready and then headed down to the lobby where I met with the representatives from Splendid, who had invited me to experience everything ibis Lates has to offer. Sam and Dee were fantastic hosts and made sure we were always with a drink in hand, food in our bellies and a smile on our faces. They showed us to the green room where we got to hang out with the bands, munch on some food and just generally chill out. It was here that I also got to meet up with Laura from Smile at Style and I met Tom from Travelling Tom for the first time. They made the whole night so much fun and we had a great time chatting away and dancing to the bands. I also had a complete fan girl moment when I met Mollie from Where’s Mollie?.

Soon it was time to head into the bar area to catch the first act Kenan Kian. He had everyone up dancing straight away and he had so much sass I genuinely just wanted to be his best friend! He was followed by Malunga who had this incredibly unique voice that you just wanted to melt into.

After a bit of a break and getting to hang out in the green room with the headliners, China Lane, it was time for them to take to the stage. As we headed back out into the bar I could not believe how packed it had become. For the first 2 acts there was still a really good turn out, but when it was time for China Lane (a local Manc band), the bar was packed! I think we ended up with about 10 rows of people in front of us, so please excuse the quality of the pictures here!

China Lane

China Lane

China Lane were absolutely fantastic. I loved every single song, they had great stage presence and I cannot wait to see them perform again. They obviously have quite the loyal following as so many people in the bar knew their songs and were singing along.

Once China Lane has exited the stage, Laura and I decided it would be a good time to try out the oversized deck chair. We found it rather entertaining getting into and out of it and to be honest at one point, we were so comfy in it we figured we may as well just sleep there! Laura’s boyfriend George had the unfortunate job of making sure we did get out of it though!

We went back into the bar and listened to DJ Nikita spin some tunes but unfortunately, as it was a school night, and we all had work in the morning, we had to retreat to bed earlier than we wanted to.

I headed back to my sunshine room, put on my ibis Lates t-shirt and had one of the best nights sleep. The ibis beds are seriously comfortable!!

The adventure didn’t end there though, as we still had breakfast to try! We got up earlier than needed so we could make the most of the breakfast and the room before we had to leave our weather themed home.

We ventured down to breakfast, which was served in the hotel restaurant, grabbed a couple of strong coffees and then began to work our way through the buffet. Included in the room is a continental breakfast buffet made up of pastries, cheeses, ham, yoghurt, fruit, toast and cereals. There was so much to choose from and we certainly made the most of what was on offer.

Sadly, as I finished off the last few crumbs of my croissant, it was time to leave. I bid farewell to Sam and Dee then packed up my overnight bag and headed for the door. Goodbye ibis hotel and thank you for an amazing stay.


Ibis Lates on Tour is a series of concerts run up and down the country in ibis hotels to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The concerts showcase a mixture of Roundhouse and local artists and it is a fabulous way for music loves to discover up and coming talent, all whilst raising money for charity!

You can find out more about the Teenage Cancer Trust here:

You can find out more about the ibis Styles Portland Street Manchester hotel here:

You can also check out my vlog from this awesome night!

Disclaimer: I was a guest of ibis Hotels and Splendid Communications and my stay at ibis Portland Street Manchester Hotel was complimentary but as always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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