Grand Pacific Restaurant – Manchester

Before I get into my review of Grand Pacific, let me set the scene to my night and how it started out.

I was all excited for my mid week outing after work. I had been invited to what I thought was going to be a pretty awesome event and was really excited to be able to bring my other half with me as well. We turned up close to the start time, like the eager beavers we were, found ourselves a nice little corner to prop ourselves up in for the night and began working our way through the free drinks. Fast forward to an hour and a half later, we had watched loads of people around us get served the food we were there to try, and we were still empty handed, with our stomachs growling and our patience tested to the max, we decided to leave. Disappointment a plenty.

As we were walking back along the streets of Manchester, feeling a bit down and ravenous at this point, we decided to not let the night go to waste and go for dinner somewhere, as we arrived at King Street it hit me, why not try Grand Pacific (check them out here)? I had been wanting to go to Grand Pacific since it opened and the thought of trying it out seemed to lift my spirits. 

Straight away I was in love, there were pineapples everywhere! We were taken up a beautiful staircase and out into the large and inviting main dining room. With its high ceilings, marble tops and gold pineapples everywhere, I felt immediately at home!

We were lead to a nice table, tucked away at the end of the room and handed some menus. Our waiter answered any questions we had and I was soon sipping a delicious watermelon martini as I perused the menu, which was nicely adorned with the Grand Pacific logo.

We decided to share the goats cheese, watermelon and pineapple starter and it was delicious. To be honest, I kinda wished we hadn’t shared as it was so delicately presented, it would have been better if we had one each.

After a small break, our mains arrived and I was pleasantly surprised at the generous size of the portions. I went for the tempura sea bass and got two huge sea bass fillets. The tempura was beautifully cooked and the fillets were laid neatly on a bed of crunchy noodles (more for decoration than eating) and served with a delicately arranged side of vegetables. I had this with a side of forbidden rice, which complimented it well. The forbidden rice was made up of coconut, red and green chillis and fried, crispy shallots. Delicious.

Chris went for the duck massaman curry, which again was just as beautifully presented. It was served with the forbidden rice and a selection of potatoes (there was even a purple potato!). He gobbled the entire thing up in a matter of seconds, so I am guessing he really enjoyed it!

We took a while deciding if we wanted dessert but as we were enjoying the food and the atmosphere so much we thought, why the hell not? As I am trying to be averagely good at the moment, I opted for the coconut panna cotta with a mango mousse. It was again, beautifully presented and topped with a selection of watermelon, strawberry, kiwi and pomegranate pieces. It was delicious and finished the meal off perfectly.

Chris opted for the envy inducing chocolate fondant, which I did try a cheeky mouthful of. As soon as you cut into the delicate mound, out oozed lots of gooey, sticky, warm, chocolatey goodness. It was delicious and a dessert I highly recommend you try!

We finished our drinks and waved goodbye to one of my new favourite dining spots in Manchester. I think I will come back soon to try their High Tea as it sounded delicious and if it is anywhere near the standard of the food we had for this meal, I know I will love it!

We left feeling happy and nicely full with delicious food. Grand Pacific certainly turned our night around and I can’t wait to come back and try some other delicious items on the menu, oh and a few more cheeky cocktails too!

Another restaurant I would highly recommend is Suri on King Street, you can check out my review here.

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