Last Minute Holiday Fashion – The Sarong

Do you want to book a last minute holiday but your wardrobe is holding you back? Instead of pressing that magical ‘book’ button, you are experiencing a melt down over what on earth you have already that you could wear on holiday? I hear you, I have been in that exact situation before!

The thrill of booking a last minute holiday can be intoxicating. One day you are sitting at your computer, doing the usual 9-5 and the next you are sunning yourself on some fabulous beach, in a whole other country. I often spend hours trawling through websites, such as Holiday Gems, for some last minute holiday inspiration, and confident that I have my secret fashion weapon ready to go at a moments notice, I am all too happy to click on that ‘book’ button, even if the trip is less than 24 hours away.

So, what is my secret fashion weapon for a last minute, sunny holiday? Well, it is a simple rectangle of fabric known as a sarong. The sarong is so multi-functional, you can get numerous outfits out of it in no time at all. Just have some cute sandals, a few accessories, and you have some pretty amazing outfits. I have put together some of my favourite sarong outfits for you below.

1. The harem jumpsuit.

This one can be styled up or down with some cute flip-flops or heeled sandals. Add some jewellery and a cute bag and you have an awesome day to night outfit. To recreate this look you take the sarong and hold it vertically against the front of your body. Take the top of the front section and tie at the back in a simple knot. Next, take the bottom bit of the fabric between your legs and pull it up at the back and bring to the front of your body. Secure with another knot at the front and voila, you’re good to go.

2. The halter neck dress

I think this one is my favourite. Hold the fabric vertically against your body and tie the top around your neck, make sure you have some loose, crumbled fabric at the front. Cross the two sides over at the front to create a crossover effect. Pull the fabric in at the middle, around your waist and tie in a knot at the back. Just like that, you have a really beautiful dress.

3. The one shoulder dress.

This one is cute but quite revealing on the side, so probably best for the poolside. Hold the fabric vertically under one arm and then tie the front and back over the opposite shoulder. Then, pull the fabric in at the waist and tie to the side. This leaves a sexy, thigh split, so team with your best swimwear underneath, add some awesome shoes and rock that split.

4. The airport outfit.

Another awesome use of the sarong is a scarf come blanket, which is perfect for the flight. I am always cold on flights, no matter how well I may be dressed, so I always have a scarf with me, as I can wear it in the airport to style up my outfit, and then use it as a blanket once I am settled into my seat on the plane. The sarong works just as well as a scarf for this and it saves having to pack it in your suitcase, leaving even more room for shoes!

So, there you have it. Armed with a sarong you can pretty much take on the fashion world! Now, does anyone fancy a last minute holiday?

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