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I would often saunter along King Street in Manchester, gazing into the shop windows at things I couldn’t afford. On one of these window shopping trips, I stumbled across a brand new restaurant that was in the process of being kitted out. I made a mental note of it, Suri, and promised I would come back once it had opened. Fast forward a couple of months, and life got super busy, and I never had chance to call into this restaurant, until last week, when I was invited to come down and give their new Express Lunch Deal a go.

It was a Friday lunch time and after a very stressful week at work, which involved a huge presentation in front of lots of people, I was even more excited for this particular Friday lunch. Oh and btw, I completely killed the presentation, kudos for me! So, naturally, I decided I would have a celebratory glass of vino along with my meal.

I was lucky enough to bring my other half, Chris, to test out the new menu, which, he was more than happy to oblige! We arrived at Suri and were greeted straightaway by the super friendly hostess, she asked if we wanted to sit downstairs or upstairs and although the downstairs had a lovely cosy, bar vibe, I fancied sitting upstairs in the window, where I could people watch one way and then watch the chefs at work the other.

We were seated in a prime location, right by the window and handed our menus and our glasses were filled straight away with water. I opted for a glass of Sauvignon (my go to vino) to start and Chris went for a Modelo beer. Our drinks arrived along with some of the most delicious bread I have ever tasted, which was served with a pea and mint crush and some rose water olives. Now, I am really not a fan of olives but Chris persuaded me to try one, as he said they were some of the best olives he had ever tried. So, I was brave and tried one and do you know what, it wasn’t half bad (which is a huge compliment for an olive hater). Not sure I would order them for myself but I would quite happily eat a couple if they were on the table.

The waitress talked us through the menu and explained how much food to order, which was really useful as the menu, even though we were just looking at the express lunch, was rather extensive! She suggested two dishes for starters and so we ordered them both. I went for the chickpea croquettes, which were just heavenly, especially when dipped into the lemon mayo. Chris had the roasted cauliflower and devoured it in a matter of seconds (not before I had chance to try some though -yum!).

We had huge grins on our faces as our mains arrived, as we knew this meal was going to continue to be delicious. I went for the king prawns with smashed avocado and Chris opted for the pork rib eye steak with chickpea dhal. The prawns were huge and juicy and went really well with the smashed avo, I have to say though, Chris’ pork rib stole the show, it was incredibly succulent and juicy and you just wanted to coat every piece of it in the chickpea dhal. Our mains were served with herby potatoes and za’tar fries. The herby potatoes were like eating a fresh, herb garden in every mouthful, so much flavour. The Za’tar fries were incredibly moorish and as I write this, I am genuinely salivating at the thought of them!

As I was enjoying my main, the hostess came over to show me the bottle of wine I had ordered a glass from. As soon as I saw the bottle I knew why, it had such a unique design with a pinup lady on the front. The makers of this wine are called the Three Punks, which matches the quirky label down to a T. She topped up my wine glass without me even needing to ask, and I enjoyed the second glass even more than the first. Highly recommend this wine!

Feeling rather stuffed but with our dessert stomachs ready to step up to the plate (we have two stomachs don’t you know? One for the main occasion and one for the best occasion (dessert)), we ordered our puddings. We went off of our waitresses recommendations and ordered the Suri Strawberries and the Chocolate Slab. I have to say, I am really glad we listened to her. The Suri Strawberries were so refreshing and the elderflower really complimented the strawberries well, and the chocolate slab, well, that was just chocolatey gorgeousness on a whole other level. As you cut into the brownie it revealed a melted, gooey, chocolate centre. It was really delicious and the perfect way to end a fabulous meal.

Overall, I had one of the best meals I have had in a long time here and I cannot wait to come back and bring more people along with me as I think this is the type of restaurant that will please anyone! The decor is stunning, the service fantastic and the food is exceptional. I could not have faulted a thing during my entire meal. For £15 their express lunch deal is incredible value, especially for the variety and quality of the food. Add a dessert for only an extra £5 and you have a very satisfying feast. I can highly recommend Suri and I will be shouting from the rooftops to anyone who will listen to get down to this King Street restaurant as soon as possible! The Express Lunch Menu is available from 12-5pm Monday to Friday.

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***I was a guest of Suri Restaurant and the meal was complimentary, however my review is 100% honest, I genuinely loved this place!!



  1. May 16, 2017 / 10:46 pm

    Sounds like you both had a great lunch 😃 I’m looking forward to stopping by Suri next time in Manchester, hopefully next month!

    • girlgoesto
      May 24, 2017 / 10:49 am

      It was really good, I can highly recommend! You will have to let me know what you think if you go there.

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