Top 5 Vilnius Drinking Spots

If ever you are after some inspiration for a short-haul, city break, look no further than Vilnius. This city has it all, gorgeous architecture, a fascinating and sometimes very dark, history, super friendly people and the best bit, really cheap booze! What more could you want?!

During my short visit I managed to frequent quite a few pubs and bars and so I thought I would share my top 5 Vilnius drinking spots with you!


This was my favourite bar in Vilnius. It was super photogenic, so automatic Instagram wins, really attentive and friendly staff and a fabulous cocktail menu. I am a huge fan of their Gin and Tonic cocktail, not only is it massive but it is so much cheaper than the equivalent in England. A few of these though and you may not be able to find your way back to your hotel! Be warned.


For the beer lovers among you, this is the place to go in Vilnius. Well, in my opinion. I loved the concept of this basement bar. They have a huge selection of local bottled beers that you pick off the shelves or from the fridges, add them to your tab, select your glass shape of choice and drink your night away. There is so much selection here, that there is something for everyone, and if you choose badly, just drink it anyway and then move on to a new bottle!

Busi Trecias

Beer and board games is what this place offers in abundance. Had it not been for my unfortunate beer pouring accident, in which my entire litre of beer ended up all over me, I would have stayed here for much longer, as the atmosphere is electric, the home brew really good, and they even offer some local food should you get peckish.


Another awesome cocktail bar in Vilnius, the concoctions on offer here are second to none and every cocktail is presented beautifully, so much so you almost don’t want to drink them! They also serve my fave, a pornstar martini, so always a winner in my book!


There are a few locations of this pub dotted about Vilnius, I visited the one in Uzupis and although it really does not look like much, to the point that I temporarily dismissed going in when I saw the outside, it is actually pretty cool inside. They serve their own, home brew beers for super, super cheap and they are all pretty damn good. They are also really strong, so be warned.

So there you have it, 5 places in Vilnius to get your booze on.

If you want to read more about what I got up to in Vilnius you can check out Part One and Part Two. You can also check out my vlog here:

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