Girl Goes To Vilnius – Part One

The flight times to Vilnius from the North of England are far from ideal. The only option for us was to fly from Liverpool at 4pm, which meant we didn’t arrive in Vilnius until around 9:30pm!

We stayed at the Artagonist Art Hotel and I loved it here. You can read my full review of this awesome hotel by clicking here.

We spent our first evening wandering the streets closest to our hotel, and we were lucky enough to stumble upon a fab pizza bar (Capo Pizza Bar), that was still open, and serving delicious food. Stuffed with some delicious pizza and feeling exhausted from the late journey, we headed back to our hotel for a ‘not so early’ night.

We awoke bright and early after a very sound sleep and ventured down to the hotel’s basement for breakfast. We filled up on fresh juices, eggs, pancakes and fruit before meeting our guide, Tomas, for our trip to Trakai Castle (Girl Goes To Trakai Castle).

We got back to our hotel around 2pm in the afternoon and after a quick break, we headed back out onto the streets of Vilnius. Our first port of call was the Tourist Information Centre to pick up my Vilnius City Card, which allows free and discounted entry to all the main attractions, use of the public transport system and discounts from various food and drink establishments.

Once we had collected the Vilnius City Card, we continued our journey to the KGB Museum. We had done a similar museum in Riga (Girl Goes To Riga Part 2) and felt like a visit to Vilnius would not be complete without a visit to their museum to learn about how the Lithuanians were treated during the Soviet occupation. I will say, this museum is not for the light hearted, it is a very sobering experience but I feel it is one you need to do to fully appreciated Lithuania today.

After the KGB Museum we decided to explore the famous Kaziuko Muge as this happened to be going on the weekend we were in Vilnius. The fair takes over pretty much every street in Vilnius and the entire of Lithuania descends on Vilnius for the weekend. It was chaotic and crazy but the atmosphere was infectious. We tried some local delicacies (bublikis) and some not so local delicacies (chocolate coated waffles).

We then ended our day in a local pub, Busi Trecias. We had such a fun night here despite my hilarious disaster, when I managed to pour an entire pint of beer all over myself. I then had to spend the rest of the evening soaking wet and sticky with beer. Not good.

After a long day of exploring, and smelling like a walking brewery thanks to my clumsiness, we decided to call it a night on our first day in Vilnius. If you want more, check out Girl Goes To Vilnius Part 2.

Check out my Vilnius Vlog for more of what I got up to in the Lithuanian capital:

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