Capo Pizza Bar – Vilnius

We arrived into Vilnius around 9pm and by the time we had checked into our hotel, we didn’t hit the streets of Vilnius until well after 10pm. We were starving by this point and so set off in search of somewhere to eat. We had planned to visit Boom Burgers as I had heard so many awesome reviews about this place but when we arrived, they were already half closed! Even though it said they were open online. Sad times. Luckily, Capo Pizza Bar was there to save the day. If you fancy pizza in Vilnius, check these guys out.

We had no idea where we were, as we wandered the streets of Vilnius in search of food. We actually happened across this pizza place by chance. We were walking along a street, which we thought led back to our hotel, as we had almost given up on finding some food, when we stumbled across a group of people congregating outside. We realised it was still open and packed with people and so we quickly ventured inside!

Straight away, we knew we had lucked out on our chance find. I mean first off, it served pizza, so you know it’s going to be winner, but when we took in the beautiful décor and buzzing atmosphere, we settled right in. We were passed a couple of menus and ordered our drinks. True to form, I ordered a glass of prosecco, because what is pizza without prosecco?!

As we scoured our menus, we realised the bar/restaurant was packed with locals, we were the only foreigners there, which straight away made us think we must have chosen well! We ordered a couple of pizzas as we were starving and decided sharing a pizza was not an option!

I ordered the vegetable pizza and Chris went for Italian ham. We had huge grins on our faces when they arrived. We were presented with two huge pizzas jam packed with toppings and lashings of cheese. We were in pizza heaven. Unsurprisingly it took no time at all for us to devour our pizzas!!

Feeling stuffed but super satisfied we wrapped up and ventured back out on the street of Vilnius in search of our hotel. It was midnight by this point and after a day of travelling and a very hearty meal, we were most certainly ready for bed!!

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