How To Survive A Cold Shower

We have all been there, either through our travels or even at home. You strip naked and step into what you expect to be a warm cocoon of water but instead, you squeal in shock, as the ice cold water pelts against your skin. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the cold shower.

Unfortunately, a cold shower at some point in your travels is inevitable, especially if you are travelling on a low budget, heading off the beaten track or find yourself faced with some dodgy wiring. I think every traveller has a cold shower story or two to tell, I certainly have a fair few. I therefore thought I would put together a few tips to help you to survive that inevitable cold shower!

1. Test the water first

There is nothing worse than stepping into the cascade of water unprepared. Stepping into a cold shower takes mental preparation to reduce the initial shock.

2. Get your toiletries in order

You do not want to be faffing about under the freezing cold water trying to locate your shampoo. Have everything lined up in order of use, within easy reach.

3. Face the shower

Your back is much more sensitive to the cold so try to avoid submerging it in water for any longer than necessary. Whilst you are washing your hair, there is no need for your back to be suffering the freezing onslaught.

4. Skip the conditioner

Yes, sorry to all who gasped at this stage but you need to cut out all but essential steps to keep the shower as short as possible. Use the shower to clean you but nothing more. You can always use a leave in conditioner or hair oil afterwards.

5. Have dry clothes and a jumper ready

You will want to exit the shower, dry off and be clothed asap before the full on shivers set in. A jumper and socks will massively assist in the warming up process.

6. If faced with a shower that resembles this picture, do not attempt to shower.

I encountered this in the Galapagos, a place notorious for cold showers. I was staying in a home stay and the father had tried to DIY the shower to produce hot water. Instead, it produced mild electric shocks. Very dangerous AND very cold. I had to go out an purchase some thick rubber soled flip-flops to wear in the shower.

There you have it, my top tips for surviving a cold shower! Do you have any cold shower stories or tips? If so, please do share them in the comments below.



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