Stating the Obvious: I Like to Travel!

When I meet someone new, I always find the conversation ends up going either one of two ways 1) they share my love of travel and we instantly connect or 2) they state the obvious “so you really like travel then?” and it becomes quite clear that they do not understand.

I like to travel, I am genuinely 100% at my happiest when I am exploring somewhere new and so when it comes to my priorities in life, travel is my number 1, I pretty much work to travel, save to travel and spend every January working out how to maximise my annual leave allowance to discover as many new places as possible. I know many of you reading this are probably exactly the same but I thought I would put together a list of examples that indicate that “I like to travel” in case you didn’t already know? (Hence the title, stating the obvious).

  1. I see items in terms of their travel equivalent

The number of times I have admired a designer bag or a pair of shoes but then realised that for the equivalent price I could buy a flight to somewhere new, or stay in a fancy 5 star resort for a week, or for the price of some items, go on safari in South Africa! Now such items are represented as future trips, I just can’t justify buying them!

  1. I have done nothing to my house of 2 years

So, I have owned a house for 2 years now and it still has paint samples on the walls, the lights do not have lampshades and we still have temporary Ikea rails instead of wardrobes. In those two years though I have travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Spain, Denmark, Latvia, Ireland and Wales so you can see what I decided to spend my time and money on.

  1. My house is full of tourist tatt

I am a sucker for tourist tatt and every year, my collection expands. My house is filled with random animal statues, plaques, pictures, pins, postcards etc and my Christmas tree is basically a representation of everywhere I have travelled so far. To be honest, thinking about it, the only decorative items in the house are from my travels!

  1. I can’t just take a ‘me day’

With only a limited number of annual leave days, I can’t justify just taking a day off to do ‘adult things’ or even just to have a day to relax, as that is one less day of annual leave that I can use for travel. I am therefore probably not the best ‘adult’ as I don’t really take any time to deal with that side of things!

  1. I read travel guides instead of regular books

I cannot walk past a book shop without going in and buying a new travel guide, even if I have no plans to travel to that place any time soon. I just love reading about new places and putting together dream itineraries for an unknown time in the future when I may get to visit. I have so many itineraries and ideas to last me the next 10 years of holidays!!

  1. When I am feeling down, I go to a travel agent

Yeah, so if I am having a bad day or just feeling a bit ‘meh’ I will take myself off to a travel agents and talk about travel and plan a dream trip. It instantly makes me feel better although I am guessing the travel agents are maybe not my biggest fan when I don’t end up booking half the trips (If only I won the lottery!)

So there you have it, I like to travel, in case you hadn’t already gathered that?!



  1. Rosa
    January 30, 2017 / 9:57 am

    I’m obsessed with traveling too and I find a lot of people around we don’t understand.

  2. May 11, 2017 / 8:11 pm

    Or I YouTube videos of places next on my adventure list! Great blog

    • girlgoesto
      May 11, 2017 / 10:11 pm

      Thanks! Yeah me too, YouTube videos give me so much wanderlust!

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