A Bloody Good Brunch – The Refinery

Since The Refinery opened in Manchester less than 2 months ago, I think I have visited some 5 times for both lunch and dinner and each time I have really enjoyed my experience. You can read my first review here. I was therefore very excited to be invited to The Refinery to try their “Bloody Good Brunch”.

As I was able to bring a plus one, I invited the lovely Mel from Footsteps On The Globe and so, bright and early on a Sunday morning, we headed off to The Refinery to enjoy a good old Brunch.

We were greeted in the same way I have been on every visit, with a smile, and shown to our table. Mel was instantly impressed with the décor, as this was her first visit. As we were seated somewhere different to my last visits, I even spotted some new details that I hadn’t seen before including some awesome mini globe baubles, which obviously as a travel blogger, I loved!

We perused the menu for quite some time, as it is really rather extensive! It catered for any Brunch preference from the traditional (and instagrammable) poached eggs and avocado on toast to some good old American pancakes or even a burger and chips! Mel, being vegetarian, was very impressed with the veggie offerings and was also spoilt for choice!

We ordered some drinks to start the morning off whilst we were trying to decide what to order. I went for a Latte to start and Mel went for a good old English cuppa. Eventually we decided on our food choices and placed our order.

Whilst waiting for our food, our waitress came over and asked if we wanted any more drinks, she passed the drinks menu across to us and we were once again spoilt for choice. Neither of us are fans of Bloody Mary’s but if you are, they have a good selection of these to accompany your Brunch! After a chat with our waitress, she recommended a non alcoholic cocktail to accompany our Brunch called the Garden Fizz. It consisted of basil, blackberries, raspberries, lemon and agave and it was delicious! It was really refreshing and complimented our Brunch choices well.

With hardly any wait time at all, our Brunch arrived. I had gone for the standard poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast and it was delicious. The eggs were cooked to perfection so that when I cut into them, the yolk ran out across the avocado. My only minor issue was that the sourdough was very tough to cut into and at one point, my toast toppings flew off the bread! Once I had managed to cut into the toast though, it was very good!

Mel had gone for the butternut squash risotto and she was all compliments as she tucked in, so I am guessing she liked it?!

We ended up sitting for some time after our meal, soaking up the atmosphere, chatting away and generally enjoying ourselves. I think this Sunday Brunching is something I could get used to.

Eventually it was time to depart and head back into reality after a dreamy couple of hours of awesome food, great service and even better company.

Although for this trip I was a guest of Drake and Morgan and The Refinery, I was treated exactly the same as when I had made previous trips as a full, paying guest. I can therefore whole heartedly say that my first impression of The Refinery has not changed at all. I think this is fast becoming a new favourite of mine in Manchester.

Have you visited The Refinery yet? What did you think?


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  1. January 24, 2017 / 8:55 pm

    I can’t believe I still haven’t been!! It looks amazing. I really wanna visit soon, the food sounds and looks so good!

    Y x The Sweet Seven Five

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