An American Brunch at Alabamas – Manchester

If there is one thing American’s do better than anywhere else it is breakfast/brunch! They have just got this meal mastered. Pancakes, French Toast, eggs more ways than I can imagine and good old iced tea. I just love a good old American Brunch! Don’t you?

One Saturday morning I was craving some good old American Brunch-y goodness, and so after a quick search on google I came across Alabamas and made a bee line straight for the Northern Quarter in Manchester to check it out. On arrival, it seemed that the rest of Manchester had woken up with same craving, so we gave our details to the lady at the front and went off for a coffee and a wander around the Northern Quarter, until we got that all important call to say our table was ready. As you can imagine, we rushed back within seconds when the phone went off!

The interior of the restaurant is like being transported to a traditional American diner but in the heart of Manchester, England. The bright yellow couches, wooden seating and even the crazy zebra wallpaper in the toilets all added to a very pleasing aesthetic.

We took our seats and began to look through the extensive menu, I was spoilt for choice! In the end I went for a pretty epic dish known as the Monte Cristo, it was a sandwich filled with ham hock and cheese but then cooked as if it was French toast and served with a berry coulis. It was as insane and immense as it sounds. Chris went for a more traditional option of Eggs Royale and then in the middle, we shared a plate of American style pancakes with maple syrup and streaky bacon. Needless to say, we ordered way more food than our stomachs could handle!

The Monte Cristo is ginormous! When the plate was set down in front of me I think my eyes popped out in shock and my stomach contracted a bit in fear as to what was about to hit it! I have to say though, it was pretty epic. I enjoyed and savoured every mouthful. I did however quickly reject the berry coulis, it didn’t go with it at all, but I used some of the maple syrup from the pancakes and this just elevated it to a whole new level of deliciousness. If you opt for this when you visit, ask for a side of maple syrup, trust me.

Chris ended up having to help me eat some of my sandwich as it was way too much for one person (although maybe that was more because of the pancake portion we ordered to share as well?!).

The food was delicious, Chris’ eggs were cooked to perfection, the pancakes were light and fluffy and it was all washed down with a delicious iced tea.

I cannot wait to visit Alabama’s again and have another awesome American Brunch!




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