2017 Travelutions

It’s that time of year again, where I start to think about where I want to travel in the year ahead. I love the start of a new year as the possibilities are endless, who knows where this year will take me? I don’t really make new year resolutions as such, but I like to make ‘travelutions’ which are basically my travel goals (resolutions) for the year ahead. So here are my travelutions for 2017:

  1. Visit 5 new countries
  2. Explore more of the UK
  3. Become a published travel writer
  4. Get a better camera and up my photography

Visit 5 New Countries

So far, I have been lucky enough to visit 24 countries and my goal is to have visited 30 by the time I am 30 (2018) so I need to get travelling!

My dream destinations for this year are:

Lithuania – after visiting Riga I have fallen in love with Baltic countries and I want to learn more about their history, try more Baltic cuisine and get lost in the stunning architecture that is found in their cities.

Japan – I have wanted to visit Japan for so, so long, I just have never had the money or time to do it justice. This year however, with my brother now living out there, I am determined to make it to this fascinating country and get exploring. Plus, as my brother is fluent in Japanese, I don’t need to worry about any language barriers!

Poland – I really hope to be able to visit Poland this year. I have quite a few friends from this neck of the woods, so I would really like to see where they all come from and find out a bit more about Polish history, culture and food.

Prague – I’d love to visit Prague, not just because of how pretty it looks but also because it has beer baths, which sound like the greatest invention ever. I love baths, I enjoy beer, combine the two so that I can sit in the bath and pour myself beer and I am in heaven. As I am sure, are most people.

Canada– if you are going to visit Canada, this is the year to do it. All national parks are offering free entry throughout 2017, so it is the perfect time to explore the stunning landscape and wildlife that Canada has to offer. I would love to explore Canada via a motorhome as well. It just looks like such a fun (and cheap) way to see a country and Canda seems like the perfect place to give this a go.

Explore more of the UK

Beatrix Potter World

I often get carried away dreaming of far flung, exotic destinations but I forget that there are some pretty awesome destinations right on my doorstep. Plus, to those who don’t actually live in the UK, it probably would class as ‘exotic’ to them.

It is way to easy to take where you live for granted but I have recently been exploring more of the UK and it really does offer some stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes and diverse cities. I would love to explore more of Scotland, visit Northumberland again as I love it there and also visit some more Northern cities such as York, Leeds and Liverpool as they are so close to where I live but I never truly explored them. I think some bus tours are in order here!

Become a published travel writer

I love writing this blog, I am literally at my happiest when I am sitting at my desk, writing about my travels. I would love to get to write a piece for one of my favourite travel magazines or websites  but in order for this dream to come true, I need to up my writing game. I am really going to try to work on my content and write more frequently on my blog and hopefully get myself out there into the ‘blogosphere’ more and hopefully with enough hard work and determination, this dream will come true.

Work on my photography

I have never really been into photography in a technical way, although I am quite photo crazy whenever I am on holiday. I literally have an uncontrollable need to take pictures of everything and anything. I come back from trips with memory cards full of pictures, many of which are the same thing from different angles (oops). I use a basic point and shoot camera, which just isn’t up to the standard I want anymore so I have started researching mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses and will be investing in one shortly. So hopefully you will soon notice a difference in my blog photography!

So there you have it, my 2017 travelutions. Have you made any travelutions? If so, please let me know and we can keep up with how we are doing throughout the year!


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  1. January 9, 2017 / 10:32 pm

    It’s funny that Lithuania is on your list because you fell in love with Riga because Estonia is on mine for the same reason! I’m keen to explore more of the UK this year too, and actually getting paid to write would be a dream come true. Don’t think I’ve got enough get up and go to chase that dream though, so I’ll settle for blogging for now. Canada by motorhome sounds incredible! Exploring New Zealand the same way is something I’d love to do some day.

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