Black Magic Café – Riga

When exploring a new city, there comes a point when your feet are sore, your blood sugar is low and your love for sightseeing is waning. This is the point where a refuel stop is necessary, if you are to go on exploring, and the hunt for a café begins. Step in Black Magic Cafe.

We had walked past Black Magic Cafe a few times and never noticed it but with my eyes on high alert for a suitable café to rest my weary feet, suddenly it was very clear. It looked intriguing from the outside and the few tables I could see through the window seemed full, so we decided to give it a go.

It took a while to decide where to sit as there were so many nooks and crannies filled with seating options at Black Magic Cafe. Eventually we settled in an empty, candle lit room at the back of the main entrance room. The walls were adorned with numerous black balsam bottles and objects that would not look out of place in a chemistry lab or around a witch’s cauldron. The staff at Black Magic Cafe were dressed in medieval type clothing and the whole place made you feel like you had been transported to medieval Latvia.


After a review of the menu by candle light, I went for the Riga Black Magic Hot Chocolate and the Eclipse cake (both specialities in the Black Magic Cafe). Chris went for a latte (boring) and the dark chocolate torte.

My hot chocolate arrived as warm milk with a chunk of chocolate on a stick to melt into it. It was so, so incredibly good.

My eclipse cake was a large dome with a hard, chocolate outer shell filled with a chocolate sponge, black balsam chocolate cream and a small egg liquor centre. It was divine.

Chris’ cake was also heavenly. It was a chocolate sponge with layers of black balsam chocolate cream. Yum.

With our sugar levels through the roof, we started to bid farewell to the Black Magic Café, well, that was until I spotted a bookcase concealing a secret passageway. Naturally, I had to investigate!

I ventured down the mysterious steps and discovered a whole other seating area, complete with chemistry style equipment filled with some sort of liquid, bubbling away.

I eventually emerged from the secret passageway in the Black Magic Cafe to a rather embarrassed, and not at all amused, Chris. Turns out in my excitement (and sugar blur) I had abandoned him half way through paying the bill (I had both mine and his wallets on me – oops) needless to say, he was less than impressed!

I quickly apologised, but the waitresses did not seem phased by my disappearance, I am guessing it happens a lot, I mean, who can resist a secret passageway?! If ever your in Riga, I would highly recommend a pitstop at the Black Magic Cafe.

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