Petergailis – Riga

Another day in Riga, another animal themed lunch spot, this time, Cockerels, and a restaurant called Petergailis.

When I decided on Petergailis as our lunch venue, I didn’t realise that I had chosen a cockerel themed restaurant! I just saw that it had good reviews and was well located to fit in with our plans for the day. It is neatly located between the churches of St Peter and St Johns, so ideal when spending the day exploring the southern parts of Riga’s old town.

As soon as we arrived at the entrance, we were met with cockerel décor outside, on and around the door and this extended to the interior.

We chose a seat in the window so we could admire the pretty street location and do some more people watching (one of my favourite past times!).

The restaurant was surprisingly classy given the number of cockerels adorning the walls!

We perused the menu, which was rather extensive and then made our order. They had a special hot drink on the menu which I had to order after my quince tea experience the day before at the Flying Frog (review here). This time it was an alcoholic version and came with apple flavoured vodka! It was delicious and I am going to have to try to recreate this drink at home!

Before our dishes were served, we were presented with two, complimentary, amuse bouche, consisting of rye bread topped with a red trout tartare, it was a mouthful of deliciousness!

This was followed with our starter of what had fast become our favourite Latvian dish, Latvian garlic bread. It is just the best. Baked rye bread rubbed with fresh garlic and salt, and served with a garlic dipping sauce. In fact, this version came with two different garlic dipping sauces depending on your garlic strength preference. It was so damn good.

For mains I went for pasta with parmesan, ham and mushrooms and it was deliciously rich and creamy. Chris went for mango chicken which was served with a selection of grilled vegetables, a rather more healthy option than mine, but still delicious.

Although when we arrived the restaurant was empty (it was a Monday and had only just opened for lunch), by the time we were leaving it was filling up with locals on their lunch breaks tucking into fresh, thick soup with chunky bread. It was clearly a popular choice for a quick lunch!

This was a really good find for lunch and one I would highly recommend. I actually found the cockerel theme rather endearing by the end!



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