The Flying Frog – Riga

This place is called The Flying Frog – what’s not to like?!

On my first full day in Riga, I was wandering the streets of the Northern part of the city, when I came across this gem of a place. From the outside it did not look like much, and had it not been for my love of frogs, I am not sure that I would have ventured through the doors of the Flying Frog.

We were looking for somewhere for a cheap and cheerful lunch, after out intense morning of sightseeing, and when we stumbled across The Flying Frog, we decided to give it a go. We descended down the steps and into the unknown. We were greeted by a friendly waitress, surrounded by frog memorabilia, and this theme continued throughout the restaurant.

There were only a couple of others in the Flying Frog at the time, so we had our pick of seating options. We settled down into a quiet corner and took in the frog themed decor. We perused the menu and quickly made our food order. I went for the spinach omelette and Chris went for the mango chicken.

Our  drinks were served promptly. I went for the hot quince tea, which was a delicious concoction of quince, apples, pears and cinnamon, and a special at the Flying Frog  and Chris opted for the ‘local ale’. We tucked into our drinks and discussed our mornings sightseeing. Not long after, our food was served. I have learnt that Latvians do very generous portions during my time here! My omelette was massive and even served with cheese on toast!

We both really enjoyed our food at the Flying Frog and were stuffed by the end. We finished our  drinks watching the winter sports on the TV, took in a bit more of the frog memorabilia and then ventured back out into the cold.

I can highly recommend a trip to the Flying Frog for lunch, if you are in the vicinity, in Riga. The food is good, simple and cheap, which is exactly what you want to fuel a busy day of sightseeing!

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