Hawksmoor – Manchester

I have been wanting to try Hawksmoor since it opened it’s doors in Manchester but for various reasons, it just did not come together, until last week that is. I heard that they offered a pretty awesome lunch deal comprising a rump steak and chips for only £15, I therefore grabbed a couple of my work colleagues and we ventured in.

The restaurant looks quite inconspicuous outside, in fact, you could quite easily walk right on by if you didn’t know it was there. However, once you walk inside, it is really rather grand. We checked our coats and were then guided up the stairs, through the large bar area and into the main restaurant seating area. The whole place has a vintage, opulent sort of vibe thanks to the décor.

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We took our seats and very briefly perused the menus, just to be sure we weren’t missing out on any other good deals. We all settled on the rump and chips lunch deal. As it was the middle of the working day and some of us were suffering from the night before, we ordered diet cokes to quench our thirst. I was delighted to find that these were served in the glass bottle. I genuinely think coke/diet coke tastes so much better out of a glass bottle but I am really not sure why that would be?

Anyway, after not too long a wait, our steaks were served. I went for a medium rare steak with skinny chip cooked in beef dripping. This was served with a large side of watercress as well. If you wanted, you could also choose a sauce accompaniment, but I am a ‘just as it comes’ kinda gal.

The knife cut through the steak with ease and it was incredibly succulent and juicy. Considering it was cooked medium rare, it wasn’t bloody in any way, yet it was perfectly red inside. Apparently this is due to the cooking process they use as it seals the meat, therefore preventing the usual blood run out you get with rarer steaks. In addition, the steak was fragrantly smoked, adding a delicious extra taste dimension.

We asked the waitress about how the meat is so nicely smoked and she said, again, that it was due to the type of oven they use. It sears the meat whilst also smoking it, creating the insanely succulent, smoky steak I was tucking into with delight!

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I have to say, I really, really enjoyed my meal here. The service was quick and attentive, the setting was beautiful and the food was mouth wateringly delicious. I am going to have to go back again to try the full menu and the different types of steak on offer.

For £15 for a steak lunch though, especially of this quality, you really can’t go wrong here!



  1. December 1, 2016 / 10:35 pm

    What a great lunch deal! My hubbie loves it here but has only ever ventured to the London ones – I’ll have to twist his arm to check out the Manchester one over Xmas although I don’t think it will take too much twisting 🙂 xx

    • girlgoesto
      December 1, 2016 / 10:52 pm

      Haha it definitely won’t take much twisting! The steaks are awesome!! We should meet up when you’re back in Manchester! Send me a DM on twitter 😊

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