Gift Guide for Bookworms

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a huge bookworm. I love nothing more than cuddling up under the duvet or soaking in a hot bath with a good book. It is the ultimate aid to relaxation and helps you to switch off and almost escape from the real world for a while. I have therefore put together a list of some of my favourite books that I have discovered over the past year, that would make excellent gifts for the bookworm in your life.

1. A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding

This is my favourite book of this year and is definitely in the top few books ever, in my opinion. I have recommended it to so many people, and every single one of them have fallen in love with this book, just as I have. I have done a full review of the book here if you are interested but in short, the story is set in Nagasaki, Japan and focuses around the main characters and the impact the atomic bomb had on their lives. It is a very harrowing story of love, loss and hope all intertwined in one.

2. The Penguin Lessons

The story follows Tom Mitchell who as a young boy discovered a penguin soaked in oil and decide to smuggle him back to school and nurtured him back to full health. He tried to set the penguin free once he had cleaned him up but the penguin becomes set on following him everywhere. The penguin, now named as Juan Salvador, becomes a companion like no other. This book is just all warm and fuzzy and will make even the most hardened of readers ‘aw’ out loud! It also really makes me want a penguin friend!

3. The Quality of Silence

This book is set in the coldest regions of Alaska and follows an incredibly brave young girl, who is deaf, and how she communicates without the use of her voice, in such an unforgiving landscape. It is a gripping book from start to finish, I found I couldn’t put this one down! The incredible descriptions of the landscape the main characters find themselves in makes everything seem so vivid, you almost feel like you are there with them! I even felt cold reading this one!

4. The Outrun

Aside from the seriously stunning cover of this one, the story itself is also pretty awesome. This book is quite emotive and dark and really puts things into perspective. It also highlights the solace and peace that can be found in remote places. The book itself is set on Orkney and by the end of the book I found myself researching trips there myself! This book is very cleverly written in that the landscape the story is set in, mirrors the feelings of Amy herself. This book is really well written and causes quite a a lot of self reflection as you embark on this journey with Amy.

5. The Nightingale

I loved this book when I read it. I think I finished it in two days! I was completely absorbed into the lives of the characters from the very first page. Although this isn’t based on a true story, it is based on true events and is set during the 2nd world war in France. I think this is what draws you in to the story in ways I haven’t really been before as it is history that has had such a profound impact on all our lives. I was completely captivated by this story and felt such strong emotions as I took in each page. My eyes were streaming with tears by the end of it, so have some tissues at the ready!

6. The Killing Season

I love a good thriller/murder mystery. I am terrible at solving the mystery, I nearly always get it wrong, but I like that. I think I would disappointed if I knew the outcome from the start! This book was no exception, in fact it has tripped others up as well! So it must actually be a good mystery! It follows an awesome character, Carter Blake who is technically on the right side of the law but when it comes down to it, he is most certainly on the wrong side of it! He is still the good guy though, he just is a bit more creative in how he goes about things than a ‘man of the law’ should be! Mason Cross has written a few books with Carter Blake as the main character and to be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

So there we have it, 6 books for the bookworm in your lives! Please let me know if you have read any of them? And what you thought of them?

*Full disclosure, I was kindly gifted a copy of the Outrun by the publisher  but I genuinely loved it and wanted to share it with you! 


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