Gift Guide for Stationary Lovers

I am not going to lie, I am a full on lover of all things stationary. I have drawers full of notebooks, diaries, planners, personalised pens and pencils, you name it, I probably have it! Things have developed over the past few years in the stationary world and now, rather than just being something practical, stationary has now entered into the almost ‘home decor’ class of items. No longer do people buy cheap, plain pens and pencils and store them away in drawers and pencil cases, stationary has now become a decorative item. Especially with the introduction of rose gold, copper and marble items, the world has gone stationary mad.

I therefore thought it appropriate to commence my 2016 Christmas Gift Guides with this category!

1. The Happiness Planner

I love this planner. Not only is it stunning and a great addition to your desk, but it is also super practical and laid out really well. The daily and monthly sections really help you to focus on what makes you happy and to schedule those things into your day to day life. Sometimes just having a space to write these things out and visualise them makes it a lot easier to put into practice. I love that there is a reflective section at the end of the day and also at the end of the month. It has helped me to focus more on the positives in my life but also to accept the negatives and not to dwell on them.

It is not the cheapest of diaries, but they have just released some super cute ‘clutch’ type planners which are definitely on my christmas list also!

You can buy them here for between £20 to £40 depending on the style and design you opt for.

2. Pugs and Penguins Notebook

I love this notebook. It is covered in two of my favourite animals, pugs and penguins. It is the perfect size for carrying in my bag when I am travelling around and as the pages are blank and not lined, I can use them for whatever takes my fancy. I can sketch cool places I visit, make lists and write blog posts all in the one notebook. This notebook is from House of Wonderland and you can get it here for £6. They have loads of other super cute covers to choose from as well, so if pugs and penguins are not your thing, there will likely be one that is. To be honest, House of Wonderland have some  seriously cute items covering all sorts of categories from stationary to cushions to pocket mirrors. I think this will be one of my main shopping stops this Christmas for lots of cute stocking fillers.

3. Bunny Pens

In case you didn’t know, I am the proud owner of 2 bunnies. They cause chaos and trouble everywhere they go, they demand food constantly and give very little love and attention back however, I still love them, more fool me! I therefore love anything and everything that comes with bunnies on it and when I saw this pen from one of my favourite quirky shops, I had to get one for my Christmas gift guide. It even has a little fluffy tail at the back! The pens are actually of quite decent quality as well, although I think this falls more in the decorative stationary category than practical but if you need a pen and have nothing else in reach, these will do nicely. I just have my pen bunny friend sat opposite me whilst I use my computer. He is also a lot less trouble than my actual bunnies!!

You can get him from Pylones stores for £10.

4. Marble Mouse Mat

Yes, we all know, marble is seriously IN right now. This marble effect mousemat is therefore likely to be in very high demand, especially as you can customise the writing on it, which makes it a more unique and personalised gift for someone. Which means bonus points for uniqueness!

This one is from one of my favourite online retailers for gifts, If ever you are stuck for gift ideas, hop on over there and you’ll no doubt find something within a few minutes of searching! At only £10, this one is a steal and can be found here.

5. Japanese Rubbers (erasers)

Who doesn’t love cute rubbers? Paperchase stock a huge selection of cute rubbers from woodland creatures to Japanese dolls. To be honest, I couldn’t choose my favourites but as I am currently in the process of planning a trip to Japan, I could not resist these Japanese themed ones. They look super cute laid out on my desk too.

You can get these (and many more) from Paperchase for £1 for one or £7 for a set. They make excellent stocking fillers!

6. Pineapple Stationary Holder

Pineapples, pineapples, pineapples. Yet another craze of the last year or so that I can really get on board with. I have always been a huge lover of pineapples. I just think they are quite good looking fruit! Or at least quirky looking. It is therefore no surprise that pineapple shaped items have become a desirable decor item and the second I saw this stationary holder from Anthropologie I knew I had to have it in my life. I am guessing once you see it, you will also feel the same. If not, I am sure you will know someone who would.

You can get this handsome devil for £14 from Anthropologie.

So there we have it, the first instalment of my 2016 gift guide. I hope this has given you some inspiration either for your own Christmas lists or for gifts for others. Let me know if you get any of the items and what you think!

*please note, this post contains some items that were very kindly gifted to me, but as always, all opinions are my own. If I recommend it, or say I love it, then I really do!


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