Girl Goes To Oast House, Manchester

For those that don’t know me, I love cheese. Always have, always will. I just think as far as food goes, it is incredible. You can add cheese to pretty much anything and it makes it better. Cake + cheese = cheesecake deliciousness, dough + cheese = pizza heaven and chips + cheese = drunken indulgence. Cheese, in my opinion, is therefore pretty damn awesome. Possibly even the ruler of all food. Possibly.

Ok, so now you’ve got the picture, I LOVE cheese, you will now understand why I got so unbelievably excited when I heard about the Oast House’s cheese fondue. In fact, the second I heard about this delectable offering I visited the very same day.

I love the Oast House, especially in winter. They have these two teepee’s that are lit up with fairy lights and centred around a central, roaring fire. The main building itself carries the same, winter, country vibe and I just love it. I always feel so snug and festive when I visit here. It is very small though, so if it’s just a couple of you, you will find you end up sharing a table. To be honest though, I don’t mind that here. It fits in with the laid back vibe of the place and actually adds to the cute and cosy feel.

We found our seat at the end of a large wooden table and for some unknown reason, started to peruse the menu?! Obviously, I ordered the cheese fondue! We had it to share between two of us and we were stuffed (not to the point of no space for dessert though, I have a second stomach for that!) by the end.

It was served on this large wooden board with the melted cheese fondue in the middle, with a small tealight underneath to keep it warm. The pot of melted cheese goodness was surrounded by bread, crisps, crudities, chicken, chorizo, mushrooms, potatoes and falafel balls, all ready to dip into the heavenly pacific pale ale cheese.

Every mouthful was just pure bliss. I could not get enough of the cheese, it was that melted crumbly texture, rather than stringy, which is just the perfect type of melted cheese. It clung perfectly to each dipped item, avoiding any wasted cheese dripping off onto the table/you. I am genuinely still dreaming about this fondue.

For dessert I had an equally delicious dish of baked cookie dough with salted caramel sauce and ice cream. It was served in a crazy hot mini pan and was baked on the outside and gooey and soft on the inside, and the heat of the cookie blended well with the cold of the ice cream. It was just delicious.

Overall, I had an amazing meal, probably one of the best meals I have had in a while. Even better was the price. The entire meal, plus a glass of wine and a pint of beer came to around £30, so only £15 each! I have paid a lot more money for food that wasn’t as good as this. I can highly recommend a stop here for some cheesey goodness, especially over the winter months once you have explored Manchester’s Christmas markets.

I am going to go off and dream/reminisce some more of the cheese fondue…



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