Top 5 Things To Do In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is quite possibly my favourite city, at least of those I have visited so far. I therefore thought I would share my Top 5 ‘do not miss’ things to do in Copenhagen.

1. Smorredbrod and Schnapps in Schonnemann


This was possibly my favourite discovery on my trip to Copenhagen. Smorrebrod is a traditional Danish dish of open sandwiches served with a variety of toppings from battered fish, to roast beef to pickled herring, all as delicious as the next. Schonnemann has locals queuing up outside the door, waiting for it to open, and once you step inside, it is like stepping into a culinary time warp. The menu is extensive so I’d suggest going for the ‘tourist menu’ which consists of 3 traditional smorrebord and 3 accompanying schnapps (word of warning here, the schnapps will knock your socks off!). As it is so popular it is advisable to book in advance!


2. The Carlsberg Experience

Anywhere which greets you with large stone elephants is a winner in my book. Add in the HUGE bottle collection, glasses of beer and some good old history and you’ve got a winning combination. I would definitely recommend booking onto a beer tasting, they are not stingy on the beer tasting portions!

3. The Runderaarn

Copenhagen View

Quite possibly the best view of Copenhagen. I’d start your trip to Copenhagen here as it is a good way to view the city from above, and to start to get your bearings. Don’t miss the little entrance in the centre column part way up, where you can stand on a reinforced glass floor, and admire the huge drop below!


4. Nyhavn

This is just an Instagrammers dream. The stunning canal, colourful buildings and old fashioned boats just create a beautiful scene. I would challenge even the most camera shy to not take a picture here! There are so many amazing restaurants and cafes here to retreat to from the cold and rain that often batter Copenhagen, especially in the winter months.

5. Take a boat trip


Unfortunately I opted for this on the worst day. It was blowing a gale, chucking it down and just generally beyond freezing. I also decided it would be a good idea to sit outside (I sometimes make the stupidest decisions!). You get some headphones to listen to some commentary along the way, and it is a great way (in good weather) to explore the many canals and waterways of Copenhagen. What is even better is that you can ‘hop on, hop off’ and use it as an alternative way to explore the city.

Have you done any of the above? What did you think? What would be your Top 5 in Copenhagen?


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