Girl Stays At The Mondrian Hotel, London

I have wanted to stay at the Mondrian Hotel for ages, probably since it opened if I am honest. Sadly though, my budget never allowed for me to fulfil my hotel dream, that was until recently anyway. I finally found myself in the position of being able to finally afford a night here and as I was heading to London for the Blogosphere Magazine Cover Reveal (which you can read about here) I figured it was the perfect opportunity to finally stay!


The hotel is in an amazing location. It sits right on the banks of the River Thames and if you have the extra funds, they have balcony suites looking out across the river. Unfortunately, my budget did not allow for such a room but even the basic rooms came with awesome views across the rooftops of London.

Right on the hotel’s doorstep are the OXO tower, the London Eye, the Clink, Shakespeare’s Globe and loads more. We were able to walk everywhere we wanted to with ease. The only faff of a journey was getting to and from the station, but that was probably due to us taking an Uber instead of the underground!


When you first enter the hotel you are met with some abstract art work and a cavernous lobby. It really is huge. The reception area is covered with copper (or something that looks like it) which carries through to the Sea Containers restaurant. Apparently it is meant to mimic the hull of a ship, which on closer inspection you can see.

Check-In was fast and relatively easy and the receptionist was extremely helpful and polite. She sorted a top floor room for us so we could make the most of the amazing views. She pointed us to the lifts and off we went.

The Lifts

I have never included a ‘lift’ section before but these lifts were quite something. The images on the wall of the lift reminded me of those old mouse mats you used to get where the image altered as you moved the angle you looked upon it. (My brother had one of these with Lara Croft on and she blew a kiss when you moved it!) The lifts did the same thing. Oddly they had chosen a picture of Queen Elizabeth the First (I think?) for one of the lifts. It was awesome but at the same time, rather weird.

The Room

Ah, the room. I loved our room. It was just stunning. The pink, grey and black decor was cosy and inviting even though they had gone for quite a clean, modern look. There was plenty of storage in the hot pink wardrobe and cupboards, a selfie full length mirror, which is just every girls dream (it even lit up) a metal fortune cookie with a unique fortune in it, and an awesome mini bar complete with crystal glasses, ready made cocktails and awesome snacks. The bed was super comfy and resulted in an amazing nights sleep.

The bathroom was awesome as well, with these amazing lights along the mirror that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also perfect for applying make up. The shower was incredibly powerful and the toilettries provided smelt divine. I especially liked the rum shower gel!


I think I had the best hotel breakfast here. It is by no means cheap (around £25 each) but there are so many options to choose from, from Champagne breakfasts to American Breakfasts to super healthy breakfasts, you name it, they most likely offered it!

We ordered breakfast to our room and it was just fantastic. It was delivered on a table which folded out, complete with table cloth, and came beautifully presented. There was a huge glass of fresh juice (none of those tiny shot glasses many hotels favour), fresh coffee, pancakes, toast, preserves, eggs, the list goes on. Everything was cooked perfectly and if anything, there was slightly too much food! I genuinely cannot rave about their breakfasts enough and I cannot wait to go back, if just for the breakfast!!


I love this hotel. I think it may be my favourite hotel in London actually. Bold claim, I know. I am a huge fan of little touches and it really annoys me when hotels skimp on these. I feel like some hotels just don’t get the importance of small things that really don’t cost them much, but which enhance the customer experience, and make them want to stay again. The Mondrian completely got this. From the fortune ‘cookie’, the room spray and the selfie mirrors to the fantastic service and delicious food.

The hotel is by no means cheap, our room was £240 for the night but the excellent service, little touches, location and food options make it worth every penny. I am already saving for my next stay!!




  1. October 2, 2016 / 9:43 am

    Those views look incredible!
    There are so many beautiful London hotels, but living so close it seems pointless to stay in one, maybe one day I should treat myself!

    • girlgoesto
      October 2, 2016 / 10:09 am

      Just head to the Rumpus Rooms then for drinks, has an outdoor area with the same incredible view!!

  2. Fatima
    November 9, 2016 / 10:30 pm

    Sounds like you had an amazing stay at this hotel. I’ll keep it in mind if I plan to stay in London any time.

    Fatima |

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