Girl Stays At St James’ Court Hotel, London

I don’t often splash out on hotels in London, the train fare from Manchester can be expensive enough. I often find that for the cost of a weekend in London, I could spend a week abroad. I therefore find that whenever I visit London, I often look for a cheap and cheerful hotel however, on this occasion, as we had saved so much money on our train fare with the Virgin trains summer sale, we decided to splash out a little bit and opted for the St James’ Court Hotel in Westminster.

At £205 for the night, it is by no means cheap (this is room only by the way!) but the location is amazing. Within walking distance are Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Downing Street. There is so much to see and do on your doorstep, it really is a fantastic location. There are also lots of dining options around and some shops, including House of Fraser. As you head up towards Buckingham Palace there are an array of British themed tourist shops where you can be anything from toy corgis on cushions to union jack boxer shorts. You name it, they will sell it (as long as it has some sort of British theme to it!).

We arrived at the entrance to the hotel and were immediately greeted by members of staff who escorted us to the entrance and held the door open. Rather fancy I must say. We made our way to check in which was a quick, smooth process and even better our room was ready for us! We navigated the twisty corridors of the hotel to our room, which seemed to the furthest away from the lift! The room was a decent size with an incredibly comfy bed, just a shame it was such a small double, as the mattress was incredible. I had an amazing nights sleep thanks to the mattress.

There were all your usual amenities, a TV, iron, hair dryer, robes, toiletries and a tea tray. I got a bit excited when I saw a hamper of goodies including a Toblerone, wine and some mints in a union jack tin. I was then quickly disappointed when I realised this was part of the mini bar, and not a welcome hamper. For the price we paid, I really think something like this would have been a nice touch to have included in the room. It annoys me when hotels seem to ignore the small things that doesn’t cost them much but that can make a huge difference to their customers. Disappointment aside, the tea tray was generously stocked with an array of teas and some biscuits to accompany them.

We were starving at this point and as I had a blogging event to attend (Bloggers Festival) we didn’t really have time to go out for lunch so we thought we would order room service. We got the menu and once we saw the prices, we quickly changed our mind. It was £17 for a club sandwich! Was it lined with gold or something? That was just a crazy price, so we headed to Pret on the corner for a quick sandwich!

I spent the rest of the afternoon at Bloggers Festival, which was organised by the amazing Scarlett London. It was such a beautifully put together event with some amazing brands and I met some awesome bloggers there. I came away with some awesome products and so on return to my hotel room later that night I decided to give myself a mini pamper session. Face mask, hair oil, whitening toothpaste, the lot! Suitably relaxed after my pamper session I crawled into bed and sank into the incredibly soft mattress and I slept like a log. I really cannot rave about the mattresses at this place enough!

We thought about paying for breakfast the next morning but again, once we saw the price (£25 each) we decided against this and instead checked out and ventured onto the streets of London, like the true tourists we are.

I enjoyed my stay at St James’ Court but I felt like the price of the food and drink there meant that we didn’t really get to explore all the hotel had to offer. Which is a shame really. The staff were all very friendly and willing to help and there was also someone ready to open the door for you as you arrive/leave. The décor was beautiful, especially when you first walk in and there was a gorgeous little courtyard where, if you had the money, you could relax over a drink or two. The mattress was definitely the highlight of the stay but for the price we paid, I really feel there should have been more included than just a room.

Have you stayed at St James’ Court? What did you think? Any hotels in London you would recommend?


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