Vito’s Italian Restaurant, Sheffield

I love a good Italian restaurant. There is always such a buzz in an authentic, family run Italian and Vito’s in Sheffield was no exception to that.

From the outside, the restaurant really does not look like much but it’s reviews on TripAdvisor and the fact it was one of the few restaurants open on a Monday in Sheffield, led us to this unassuming restaurant for my brothers graduation dinner.

We ended up arriving considerably earlier than our actual booking, so we were met by an empty restaurant, which, had it not been for the time, would have been a bit worrying! However, we were met by a group of super friendly staff who showed us to the bar area and took our drinks order. The bar area was small and as a family of four, we pretty much took up the entire seating area. The décor was that typical quirky, basic look that many Italian restaurants go for, but I like that. I think it adds to the authenticity and atmosphere.

We were shown to our table which was tucked away in the corner of the restaurant so it felt nice and private but you still felt a part of everything else going on around. We were the first people there but the tables soon filled with eager customers. We perused the menu over and over. There was so much choice, it was probably a good job we arrived early as we didn’t end up ordering for some time and the poor waiter had to keep coming back to see if we were ready! Eventually we had decided and once ordered, we tucked into our pre dinner drinks and cocktails and discussed the owners’ role in Peaky Blinders.

He was apparently cast to play an Italian mobster but his part changed at the last minute so he didn’t have as big a part as expected. Now, I have seen Peaky Blinders and I do not recognise him at all, so I am not sure if he was winding us up or not. If anyone else knows, please do say! They have a picture of him as if on the DVD cover in the restaurant, on the menu and on the website. It made for a good conversation with the owner anyway, whether it was true or not!

Eventually our starters arrived. I opted to share the cheese fondue (Fondue al Tartufo) with my Dad, mainly because it was served with music bread, something I had never heard of and was intrigued to try. It was basically like very thin, toasted crisp bread. Sort of like a flat breadstick almost. On it’s own it was nothing special but dipped into the warm, melted Pecorino cheese and truffle combination it was delicious. It was rather a filling starter though, and could have been shared between 4 of us rather than 2!

There was only a small break between the starter and main, I usually like a larger gap to digest the starter but that’s just personal preference. Anyway, the mains were served promptly and my pasta dish was delicious. Once again I went for one with truffle (I mean, why wouldn’t you?), Tortellini Alla Panna e Tartufo to be exact. It was a rich pasta dish made with a cream sauce and San Daniele parma ham. The portion was rather generous and I couldn’t finish the dish but I really enjoyed what I did manage to eat!

After our mains we had quite a break to make room for dessert. We drank our way through the delicious, full bodied red wine we had ordered and chatted away, soaking in the atmosphere of the now full restaurant.

I then ordered the chocolate soufflé, which is one of my favourite desserts, so I had high expectations. I also ordered an espresso martini to accompany it and to round off the meal nicely. The soufflé was deliciously chocolatey and the centre melted away as I cut into it with my spoon. It was served with a lovely vanilla ice cream which complemented the heat and richness of the soufflé nicely.

Overall, we had a great meal at Vito’s and we would definitely visit again.


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