Girl Stays At The Leopold Hotel, Sheffield

The Leopold Hotel in Sheffield is part of the Small Luxury Hotels Group, which has small, boutique style hotels all over the world. It was my first time staying here but my parents have stayed here many times previously, whilst visiting my younger brother, who went to university here. It was his PHD graduation and as a super proud big sister, I obviously couldn’t miss the opportunity to share in my brothers achievement.


The Leopold Hotel could not be placed in a better location. It is slap bang in the middle of Sheffield town centre, and situated in the quaint Leopold Square that reminds me of something straight out of central Europe. There are numerous restaurants and bars all set up for al fresco dinning around a central fountain display. On a summers afternoon there is quite a buzz around the square. The bar at the Leopold Hotel has an outdoor seating area in the square, allowing you to soak up the atmosphere whilst sipping on a glass of bubbly (or whatever your tipple of choice may be).


There is a car park around a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel. It costs around £7 for 24 hours but the hotel will validate your ticket which gives a discount on exit. You can pull into a layby just outside the hotel to check-in and unload your bags, which is useful if like me, you don’t travel light!

The reception desk is small, with only two members of staff working it, but that didn’t seem to cause any issues or long queues given the size of the hotel. Check-in was swift and our rooms were ready even though we were a bit early, always a bonus.

The Room

My room was on the fourth floor, looking out onto the main street below. It wasn’t a busy road though so no traffic noise issues at night! The bed was very nicely made, almost too nice to sleep in!! The TV wasn’t the best, the screen was somewhat blurry and there were very limited channels. I didn’t use it though so it didn’t much matter. The bathroom was spacious and the toiletries provided were of a high quality. Including a gorgeous gold shimmer bath cream! The shower was super powerful as well, although it had a shower curtain, something I really do NOT like in hotel bathrooms. It always sticks to your leg and all I can think of is who else’s leg it has stuck to, I always feel like they are not the cleanest either!

There was a tea tray which had a variety of teas, coffee, sugar and some really yummy cookies! They had even put some of the small milk shots you get, in the fridge, so they were nice and cold when you add them to your drink. I thought this was a nice touch. As my parents were members due to their frequency of staying here, we were also provided with a free glass bottle of mineral water and a mars bar each, always a bonus!

The room was airconditioned which was a huge saviour in the heat wave England seemed to be experiencing at the time. The bed was super comfy and I slept really well. I’m not going to lie, I really did enjoy having the large double all to myself!!

The Food

The first morning as we were up crazy early for the graduation ceremony, I ordered breakfast to the room. I had requested it for 6:45 but it didn’t turn up until 7am, so I ate in quite a rush. They did say the breakfast will be delivered 15 minutes either side of the requested time at busy periods, but I didn’t think it would be at the latest moment in that time period! When it arrived, the waiter had forgotten my coffee, this did not sit well with me at such an early hour! I need my coffee. Granted, he was very apologetic and came straight back with it as soon as he could. The breakfast was good if not a bit cold, but given I was in a rush I was actually grateful for that! The butter they provide with the toast was delicious though, no idea what butter they use but I could not get enough of it!!

During my stay I also ordered room service. I was hoping for sweet potato chips when I saw them on the menu but they didn’t have any, so regular chips it was. I ordered a chicken caesar salad as well as I just wanted something light but wow, the portion sizes here are huge. I couldn’t finish the salad, which was delicious, and the side order of chips was like a meal in itself!

On our last morning  we all headed down to the restaurant for a late breakfast. We arrived about half an hour before breakfast was due to shut and the continental buffet was running low, although they did replenish the pastries not long after we arrived! The cooked breakfast was made to order but for some reason, it was still a bit on the cold side? I was baffled by this as it took long enough to come out, I presumed it would be all from scratch. It still tasted good though and there was more than enough food.

I have to mention here though the terrible salt and pepper shakers. I’ve never encountered such badly designed shakers. I have no idea where they got them from but the design meant a full on cascade of salt came out whenever I tried to use them. I don’t know if maybe I was using them wrong? Something did not seem quite right in how they were designed anyway.

The Price

I really cannot get over the price, at between £69 and £114 per night, the hotel is really well priced given it’s location, rooms and facilities. This also includes breakfast! The service was very good and I only encountered some minor issues, which when you think of the price paid for the room, they really don’t matter! I would definitely stay here again and would recommend to others visiting Sheffield.


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