Girl Stays At Bohol Beach Club

Finally I get to tell you about what is possibly one of my favourite hotels.

Bohol Beach Club is located on Panglao Island, a small island connected to the main island of Bohol in the Philippines. Bohol is super easy to get to as it has its own airport and port. So be it by boat or plane, you can easily find your way. As I was staying on Cebu I took the SuperCat ferry to Bohol. It takes around 2 hours and is a fairly smooth ride. I opted to pay for the business class seats (all of £14!) and sat back and relaxed as I was whisked across the ocean to Bohol.

On arrival in the Port of Tagbilaran, I was collected by the hotel shuttle service and driven the short distance (around 30 minutes) to the hotel. Check-in was super speedy and I was presented with a small drink on arrival. I wish I could remember what drink it was, it tasted somewhere between popcorn and coffee mixed together – If anyone knows, please do let me know!

Bohol Beach ClubBedroom Bohol Beach ClubBathroom Bohol Beach ClubView Bohol Beach ClubOur room was right on the end of the first block on the ground floor and wow, it had the most incredible view ever. Our room was blessed with an uninterrupted view of the gardens, then the beach and the palm trees, right out to the clear blue sea. It was straight out of a postcard.

The room has a small terrace with a demi-wall acting as a privacy screen between us and our neighbours. There was a small table and two chairs and I found I spent many an evening relaxing here with a book and a watermelon juice. It was just bliss.

The room itself was basic but comfortable and came with everything you could need. Including a giant bed. Yet another bed I found I got lost in as I slept! The hotel was extremely generous with free bottled water, so much so that I never ran out of bottled water each day. Again, thanks to the Philippine prices, the minibar was super cheap and so once again, we made much use of it!

I also loved the turn down service. I am such a sucker for a good turn down service. Once, early on in our relationship, my boyfriend made the mistake of turning away the turn down service. We almost broke up then and there. He has however learnt from this mistake and now welcomes them in. I think I have converted him to the turn down serviced once he realised they usually come with some form of sweet treat!

The Bohol Beach Club turn down service was certainly no exception to this. We got a different treat every night ranging from cake to cookies, but with an added extra, a little saying or motto to end your day on. It was a really nice touch, especially the one we received on our last night saying goodbye.

imageThe Bohol Beach Club had one restaurant, which to begin with worried me as I like variety but there was such a huge, extensive menu I was never once stuck for choice, if anything I was completely spoilt for choice! You also had the option of venturing to nearby Alona Beach to enjoy the restaurants and bars there, although this is only accessible by taxi as it is a bit of a distance to walk!

Cocktail Bohol Beach Club

Restaurant View Bohol Beach ClubThe food was really good, in particular the breakfast. I just LOVE hotel breakfasts. I always find I completely overeat as there are just too many options and I think I panic and load everything up on my plate to avoid having to make a decision. The best bit about breakfast at Bohol Beach Club (aside from the incredible view) was the waffle and egg stations, made fresh to order and how you liked. I was a regular at these stations and worked my way through all the options. Oh how I miss hotel breakfasts right now…

Now, on to the best bit about Bohol Beach Club, the beach! It is just stunning, beautifully white, soft (in places) sand and just pure paradise. Palm tree lined, private and secluded with hammocks adorning the edge. I whiled away so many hours in the hammocks here (once I had mastered them, turns out when I am trying to get into and out of a hammock it is the opposite of relaxation/paradise – it is just a comical disaster).

Hammock Bohol Beach ClubBohol Beach ClubBohol Beach Club at NightBohol Beach Club BeachSunset Bohol Beach ClubBohol Beach Club BeachBohol Beach Club BeachPalm Trees Bohol Beach ClubBohol Beach Club BeachBohol Beach ClubBeach at Bohol Beach ClubThe sea was just incredible. So clear and a stunning turquoise in colour. It was a perfect temperature as well, warm enough not to shock you but cold enough to cool you down in the heat of midday sun. The stretch of beach and sea immediately in front of Bohol Beach Club was reserved for guests staying there and so it was never, ever crowded. At times you would have the beach and the sea to yourself. As I write this I am wishing more than anything that I was back there right now.

Sea Bohol Beach ClubSea Bohol Beach ClubSunset over sea at Bohol Beach ClubOddly, there is nothing particularly special as such about Bohol Beach Club, it is a basic hotel on paper, one restaurant, a bar, one pool, basic rooms etc BUT there is something about it that creates this sense of calm and relaxation and it just seems to capture that paradise feeling. I felt so incredible relaxed and at peace here and I never wanted to leave. I have never stayed anywhere which has created such a strong feeling of relaxation and calm and for that reason, it is possibly one of my favourite hotels.

Bohol Beach Club




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