Amans – Manchester

I never used to like curries, when choosing a take away I would NEVER go for Indian. I just did not like spice and I found the milder dishes too rich for my delicate stomach. However, since heading East to Asia, I have acquired new tastes and find that Indian is fast becoming one of my first choice takeaways (not quite overtaken Pizza though, I love Pizza). My new love for curries meant that one Saturday night, I opted to give Amans a try.

1458728918579I find the back story behind Amans quite intriguing, almost verging on a real life soap. Two brothers who fell out and in a bitter feud (I may have exaggerated the bitter feud part), they set up rival restaurants down the street from one another. I am yet to try Zest and I have heard equally good reviews about the other brothers restaurant.

1458729712218Anyway, back to Amans, it is right on the East Lancs (quite a busy main road outside of Manchester) so the location is not exactly picturesque, but once you walk inside the restaurant you could be anywhere. The restaurant is very purple, purple décor, purple lights (I think – it may just have been my eyes being tricked by all the purple) and a large fish tank in the centre, which, had it not been for the tables immediately surrounding it, I would have spent a considerable amount of time watching the little fishies swim around happily in their own little water world.

We were led to our table and handed menus by a not so polite waiter. In fact, the service here really lets it down. The waiters who served us didn’t once crack a smile, they got impatient with us while deciding to order and then even more impatient when one of our party took a considerably long time to finish their main (they do eat insanely slowly), but it is not the waiters place to make it obvious that they are losing patience. To be honest, the service was bordering on rude and it really did put a dampener on a lovely evening.

Poor service aside, the food was scrumptious! We had the usual poppadoms with various chutneys along with onion bajis, samosas etc. there was even a large token salad which unsurprisingly, no one touched! I then followed this with a main of Chicken Dansak with coconut rice. It was delicious. I love coconut and will go for anything that contains it however, I sometimes find that coconut dishes, particularly in Indian restaurants tend to the creamier, heavier options. Since discovering coconut rice, I have been able to get my coconut kick without the thick creamy sauce accompaniment.

14587291793001458729338448We were absolutely stuffed by the end of the meal and so didn’t have space for puddings, which is a first for me because I LOVE puddings, however, on this occasion I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything as I felt extremely satisfied with the yummy food I had already eaten.

It really annoys me when restaurants serve such good food but provide really poor service. Yes, your food may be great but that only carries you so far. My friends have been back since and had the same poor service, so it wasn’t just a one off. I would probably go back there for the food, as it was delicious, but maybe as a takeaway, unless the service improves.


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