Reef N’ Beef- Copenhagen

I am a sucker for a good steak and when I read the TripAdvisor reviews for Reef N’ Beef in Copenhagen, I decided I had to pay a visit.

It is an Australian themed restaurant that serves anything from crocodile and kangaroo to a good old traditional steak. We booked in advance because we had heard it was very popular, and it was a good job we did. Every single table was full for the entire of the night, and there was a constant flow of people coming in, in the hope there would be a free table. Unfortunately for them, no such luck.

Inside Reef N Beef

Reef N Beef copenhagen

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As you will have read from my Copenhagen post (here) I have completely fallen for this city, in particular, their food. Everywhere we ate was incredible, but this was one of the stand out meals. The only downside to this city (in my opinion) was the price of alcohol, more particularly the cost of wine, and this restaurant was no exception to this rule. My one complaint of the entire meal was that the cheapest wine cost the equivalent of £9 for a very small glass, and the wine wasn’t even that nice. (If I had paid £3 for the glass I would have thought the wine a bit nicer, but £9?!)

Reef N Beef CopenhagenWine aside, the food was incredible. We started with what was referred to as ‘bush bread’ which was macadamia nut bread, with garlic and rocket. It was particularly yummy. This was followed up with, what was probably the best steak I have ever had. Bold claim, I know. It was so succulent and juicy and perfectly cooked and the knife just melted through the steak with ease. It was absolutely delicious and I have not shut up about how great the steak was since returning.

Steak Reef N Beef

Chips Reef N BeefFor desert we shared the dessert named as ‘death by chocolate’. I was a bit disappointed because it didn’t really live up to it’s name. I expected it to be decadently rich chocolate but instead it was a selection of delicately flavoured chocolate mini desserts. Don’t get me wrong, the dessert was absolutely delicious; I just think it was maybe named incorrectly. (Sorry I don’t have a picture of dessert, I ate it before I realised!)

Irish Coffee Reef N BeefWe finished off the meal with two complimentary Irish coffees as an apology for the ‘long wait’ between our mains and our desserts. To be honest, we hadn’t even realised it was a long wait, but this just sums up the great service you are treated to all over Copenhagen. It was a really nice end to a fantastic meal, and if I am ever in Copenhagen again, I will definitely pay Reef N’ Beef another visit.



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