Gift Guide for the Traveller in Your Life – Part 3

Gifts for when they return

  1. A scratch off map

A great way to record everywhere they have been. There are lots of options, from a full world map, to specific continents, depending on the extent of their travels. I personally prefer the big world map, as it can go up on the wall, and even if you are the most extensive traveller, it makes you realise just how big the world is, and how much more there is yet to see. This one is from John Lewis for £11.95.

Scratch off Map

  1. Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List

The only way to get over the depression after an amazing trip, is to plan the next one. This book is full of amazing pictures and inspiration for their next trip. It also makes a great coffee table book and conversation starter. You can get it direct from Lonely Planet for £19.99.

Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List

  1. Lush Bubble Bar

If your traveller has been backpacking, they will no doubt have missed out on the comforts of a proper soak. Lush do some gorgeous bubble bars (better than the bath bombs in my opinion because they produce loads of bubbles). There is nothing nicer than a good soak in the bath to relieve jet lag, and wash off the months of travelling in cheap hostels.

These are a few of my favourite options:

Holly Go Lightly

Lush Holly Go Lightly

The Comforter 

Lush The Comforter


Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

Lush Blue Skies

  1. A gift card to make a photo book

Now everything has gone digital, it is easy for photos to remain digital, which I personally think is a shame. I miss the days of going to Boots or wherever, and dropping off your film for developing, picking a photo album, and there carefully selecting which pictures make the cut. I think the pictures mean more when they are actual pictures, as opposed to an image on the computer. It also makes it easier for sharing your pictures with friends and family and discussing each one, by referring to a book of pictures.

There are lots of picture book sites but I am a particular fan of Snapfish.

I hope these gift guides have given you some inspiration, either for yourself or someone else.

Have a very merry Christmas – Girl Goes To xx



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