Gift Guide for the Traveller in Your Life – Part 2

Gifts for use on their travels

  1. Camera

Essential travel equipment to be honest. There are so many options out there, depending on the type of pictures you wish to take, and how advanced a photographer you are. I love this one by Samsung because it can be connected to the internet, for quick uploads, to share your pictures with friends and family whilst travelling. This is priced at £229 from Tesco.

Samsung NX Mini


Instax Mini 90

Another option I love is an Instax camera. I like that the polaroid camera is having somewhat of a revival at the moment. This may not produce the most amazing quality pictures, but you do get the image straight away! It also has quite a fashionable design and comes with many filter effects. The best bit is that you can then stick the instantly produced picture straight into your travel journal as you go. I think it just adds something to your journal which will truly make you smile, when you pick it up a few years down the line.

This one featured is the Instax Mini 90 and comes in at £119 from Currys.

  1. Notebook/Travel Journal

This really depends on the individual and their packing limitations and length of their trip. Paperchase have loads of really nice notebooks, which can be used as travel journals. Some have really good quality paper, that would be ideal for sticking pictures/tickets stubs etc onto.

I also love this journal by Wild and Wolfe. I really like their retro, travel design and the paper used is of good quality also. This one is £10.95 from John Lewis.

Wild and Wolfe Journal

You should never underestimate the power a well written journal can have. It can transport you back to a particular moment on your travels, many years down the line. The little details which you don’t retain in your memory, can be re-lived ,if noted down at the time. I have quite a collection of notebooks and journals from my travels, and it is always something I buy for others, when I know they have a big trip planned. They do not realise until they return, with a fully journal to look back on, how amazing a present this actually is.

  1. Selfie Stick

Very useful for the solo traveller. Saves having to constantly ask someone else to take your picture! It pretty much does what it says on the tin really. Amazon has a good selection ranging from around £5 upwards.

  1. Travel Guides

If you know where the person is heading to, a travel guide is very useful, to help plan their trip in advance, and also whilst they are there. There are so many different guides out there, from full books with every possible detail, to small pocket size guides, ideal for taking out with you.

If you do not know where they are going to, a gift card for Amazon or Lonely Planet would be useful, and they can use it to get a travel guide/phrase book themselves.

  1. A good coat

An essential if travelling somewhere cold! I absolutely love this one from Sweaty Betty. It is perfect for Apres Ski as well. It is priced at £360, which is quite expensive, but the coat is gorgeous quality and will last a long time.

Sweaty Betty Ski Jacket

  1. Sunglasses

If heading to sunnier climes, a good pair of sunglasses is pretty important packing! I love Ray Bans and you really cannot go wrong with their standard Wayfarer frames. They come in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can find an option to suit anyone. They are priced at roughly £125, but it is worth checking out an outlet store for some good deals.

Please check tomorrow for my final installment of my gift guide 2015.


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