Girl Goes To Mexico – Part 1

I have wanted to visit Mexico ever since I was in primary school and I found myself fascinated by the Mayan civilisation. It took me another 20 years until I finally got the chance to visit this amazing place.

I was staying at the Secret Silversands Hotel, an amazing hotel about 30 minutes drive south of Cancun. The hotel was 5 star luxury with all inclusive food and drink (including top shelf liquors). I stayed in a swim out junior suite and it was perfect, the mini bar was stocked daily (free) and I could spend my days lounging on my sun lounger immediately outside my room, sipping free strawberry margaritas that were brought to me throughout the day.

Whilst in Mexico, I alternated days between lazing by the pool, sipping cocktails, and getting out of the resort and exploring all Mexico had to offer. The first day trip I took was to Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres. The sea was unexpectedly rough and the 40 minute boat ride to Isla Contoy proved a traumatic experience, with my head almost permanently over the side of the boat – not a good start!

When we finally made it to the island I was beyond relieved, and hoped that the seasickness would pass quickly. After a few minutes steadying myself on land, the seasick feeling started to subside and I began to take in the amazing view that surrounded me. Crystal clear, turquoise waters, lapping up against soft, golden, untouched sand, lined with tropical trees, it was literally the perfect image of paradise.

Mexico (2)
We were split into language groups and given a guided tour of the small island. I could not believe that this island was once part of the coral reef. I saw frigate birds swoop up above, hermit crabs scuttle along the beach and iguanas basking in the warm sunshine. Upon return to the beach, near where the boat had docked, I set myself up under a palm tree and gazed out at the never ending, turquoise blue sea. I could have quite happily stayed there permanently (had it not been for the self composting toilets!).
After an hour or so of sunbathing and swimming in the lukewarm sea amongst sting rays and beautiful shoals of fish, we came together for a delicious beach BBQ. You had a choice of chicken or fish with rice and vegetables. I went for the amberjack fish which was gorgeous and cooked to perfection. This was washed down with an ice cold beer, and followed by a selection of tropical fruits. Following the meal (and dodging the hermit crabs scuttling along between your feet) we proceeded to set sail towards Isla Mujeres.
I was on edge getting back on the boat following the earlier boating experience, but the sea had calmed slightly, and I seemed to have earned my sea legs – which was ideal timing, as we were handed a bottle of tequila to down for three seconds, ending in us shouting “Viva Mexico”. Failing to shout this at the end resulted in a further three seconds of tequila drinking, which proved to happen a lot during the 40 minute boat ride. It is harder than you think to remember to shout out “Viva Mexico” after drinking straight tequila!

On arrival at the port for Isla Mujeres, I could feel the tequila slowly starting to take effect and found myself rather wobbly trying to disembark the boat. I made it onto dry land (with the help of the boat captain) and began to wander along the meandering and chaotic streets of the island. A tip for those who travel here – crossing a road in Mexico can be a scary experience. The cars do not stop, they do not seem to understand the concept of lanes, or for that matter, pedestrian crossings. I have found there are only two ways to successfully cross a road in Mexico:

  1. Run for it and hope for the best; or

  2. Wander along the road until you find a nice policeman who will literally stop traffic for you so that you can cross

I found the second option much more relaxing, and surprisingly easier than finding a spot to run across the road!

After being chased and shouted at down the streets lined with tourist stores, I decided to seek refuge in a simple bar that had a beautiful outlook acrMexico 3 (2)oss the marina. I took solace in a couple of cervezas and chatted to the locals who had taken temporary residence at the bar. All too soon it was time to find my way back to the boat for the short 20 minute boat ride back to Cancun.

Upon arrival at the dock in Cancun, I had my first glance in a mirror since boarding the boat that morning. I could not believe the bedraggled mess of an image that was looking back at me. My hair had grown in size and was a knotted mess thanks to the wind and rough seas. Not bringing a hair bobble was a
rookie mistake but one that has made for pictures with a rather comedic value that I am unlikely to live down! Unsurprising they do not feature on this post!!


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