La Tasca Rebotica

Set deep in Javea Old Town is this absolute gem of a restaurant. Serving authentic Spanish food with a tapas menu full of options and daily specials you really will be spoilt for choice! The waiting staff were extremely friendly and very patient with our terrible attempts at speaking Spanish. We ordered around 5-6 tapas dishes per couple and this was more than enough, in fact we struggled to finish the last round of dishes.

The restaurant is small and cosy with a lively atmosphere and the buzz of a full restaurant, conversations a plenty, filling the restaurant with a constant noise. The walls were adorned with guitars, Spanish pictures, hats and an eclectic mix of ornaments. Although it was a cosy fit around the table, it added to the overall experience.

There was a good selection of wines, we opted for a Rioja which was a deep, flavourful red that complimented the tapas dishes well. I had garlic prawns, which were probably the highlight of the meal, garlic wild mushrooms, patatas bravas and jamon croquettes. All of which were delightfully tasty in their own right. We had ordered abondigas (meat balls) but they had run out of these, which was a shame but to be honest, we were rather full and it was probably for the best that we stopped there. The food was all freshly cooked and came out in stages, spreading the meal and adding to the social experience that tapas provides.

To finish off the meal we were given a round of limoncello shots (for free) which was a really nice touch and just ended the whole evening on a high note.

The location, the food, the wine and the company were all on point. I would definitely return again but there were lots of other restaurants dotted around the narrow cobbled streets to the old town that I would also like to try. I rarely return to the same place twice because there are too many places to experience for the first time however, I would consider going back here if I found myself lost in the back streets of Javea again.

Have you ever found a hidden gem off the beaten track? I would love to hear your recommendations.

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